Murali Krishna's Encounter with BJP MLA Kishan Reddy
BJP MLA Kishan Reddy said the demonetization drive launched by his party at the centre is a daring step. In an exclusive interview on the programme of 'Murali Krishna's Encounter', BJP MLA said demonetization drive is the first step rooting out the corruption in the Country. Reacting to a question that people faced much hardship during the period of November 8 to December 30 and still facing now, the BJP MLA said it is true that people faced some hardship but people supported the move. Kishan Reddy has tried to defend his answers on the four issues of black money, fake currencies, security concerns of the country and terrorism that were linked with demonetization drive. Watch Kishan Reddy's full interview.
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Sun, Jan 08, 2017, 11:46 PM
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