Funny Chit-Chat Between MP Balka Suman and Revanth Reddy Over KCR
The two leaders Balka Suman and Revanth Reddy who were like fire and fuel always said to had a funny chit-chat over KCR. Revanth asked Suman about his active moving in the assembly for which he said it is for his boss KTR. Then he was asked what about KCR? Suman said he was his Big boss. Then Revanth asked what is Harish Rao? Suman replied he is also his boss. After which Revanth Reddy said some conditions apply in Harish's matter , then Suman said the topic is going in a different way. Suman asked him about violating assembly code, Revanth said he might have texted it already. Finally Suman enjoyed the kick of giving last punch by saying no body can match with your message skills.
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Fri, Jan 06, 2017, 04:07 PM
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