Kidney Chronic Victims Get Emotional @ Pawan Kalyan Meeting : Ichapuram
Pawan while talking to the victims of Chronic Kidney Diseases said he was so much worried about the next generations. Instead of digging in the problem why the earlier govt's have not taken any action on this he wants to find a solution to the problems existing for decades. He said he is into politics to serve the people. He requested 5 of the patients to come and give their testimony of the problems of the disease. 5 of the 500 patients used the platform and broke down crying literally while explaining their problems. They said the treatment is very costly which is not available in their place. They said on an average One in every family is having the disease because of which they are losing earnings and had to be in poverty finding no money for treatment there by leaving their children orphans.
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Tue, Jan 03, 2017, 12:23 PM
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