Gold weighing 430 kg seized in Noida
After demonetization many cases of cessation of illegal money and gold has been reported. Recently Gold weighing 430 kg is seized in Noida along with new currency which is said to be the biggest amount. Raids are continued through out the country by IT,ED,CBI and DRI. As a part of raids IT raided on a Training company named " Srilal Mahal Commodities" in which 430 kg of gold, 80 kg Silver and 15 kg of ornaments are seized along with Rs12 lakhs new currency and Rs 2.48 lakhs banned notes. Officers are investigating the case by taking 2 people into custody. In this regard officers made it clear that they will investigate on the transactions took place in Gold Companies after demonetization.
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Mon, Dec 26, 2016, 04:38 PM
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