Congress Leader Jaipal Reddy on Being an Anti-BJP and Criticizing Vajpayee
Congress Leader Jaipal Reddy while talking to RK mentioned about politics in 1998 when he became MP from Janata Dal while Vajpayee became PM, he was offered to be a Speaker by BJP which he straight away denied as it has no identity in the public and so as he doesn't believe in BJP Theoretically right from childhood. He said he was influenced the most by Swami Vivekananda after Gautama Budha upto 30 yrs of age. He said being an Anti-BJP he strongly believes that BJP is against the progress which he still continued to believe. He further said that he Criticized Vajpayee later on several times with his sharp words.
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Sun, Dec 25, 2016, 08:07 PM
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