Incredible truths about green chilli
Green chillies are used for a spicy taste to dishes like soup, snacks, curries, rasam, mixture, bajji etc. It is a boon for spice lovers and is used in almost all Indian dishes. Any spicy recipe will definitely contain green chillies. There are many wonderful medicinal qualities in green chillies, according to nutritional experts.

3-hour high energy levels

Energy levels remain high for at least three hours after consuming green chillies. Do you know that calorie levels are zero in green chillies. This is true. But the energy levels are much higher than what calories give. The chemicals in these hasten the cell activity by 50 per cent. The effect is there for at least three hours after consuming green chillies.

Protects from cancer
They prevent cancer. The anti-oxidants in them drives out the free radicals, thus keeping you safe. Green chillies are good solution to prostate gland problems.

Heart is protectedrepresentative image
Can you believe that green chillies are like a shield to the heart? But it's true. They prevent the harmful arthrosclerosis. Chemicals in green chillies decrease the formation of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and prevent formation of fat in capillaries. They also prevent conglomeration of platelets that lead to clotting of  blood. This prevents stroke and heart attacks.

Medicinal because of spice
You are aware of the hot spicy flavour of green chillies. The burning sensation is caused by the presence of a chemical called Capcayenne. It activates the hypothalamus in the brain, thereby increasing body temperature.

Good deterrent to sinusitis
It can easily be said that green chillies are a natural deterrent to sinusitis and common cold. The capcayenne in them reaches the mucus membranes inside the nose and activates them. It makes ensures good blood supply to the membranes. Membrane is a tissue. The collection of mucus in it is called sinus. Capcayenne ensures good blood supply and dilutes the mucus in the membranes. There is relief with this.

Pain reliever
The hot, burning sensation from green chillies relieves pain. It also helps  in  digestion. However, green chillies are not recommended for peptic ulcer patients.

representative imageWhere to store green chillies
Because of the presence of Vitamin C and beta carotene, green chillies help in keeping the eyes and skin healthy while strengthening the immune system. They should be preserved in a cool and dark place. Vitamin C in green chillies is lost, when they are exposed to light, heat and air.
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