Cancer might just be Vit.B17 deficiency?
There is a belief worldwide that cancer is not a terrible disease but only deficiency of Vitamin B17. Also, researchers have concluded that if there is intake of foods that are rich in B17, cancer can be kept away. Many might wonder if this is true. Let us learn the fact.

Vitamin B17

You might have heard of vitamins B1, B2, B6 or B12 . What is B17? Frankly, there is nothing like Vitamin B17. It is just another name for Laterile, a medicine that is prepared from Amygdaline, which is nothing but a toxin called synogenic glycoside, that is found in many plants. Amygdaline is processed to form Laterile. It's scientific name in Mande language is, Nitryl Betadi Gentiobioside. It is also known as nitrolocide. It is a natural product containing cyanide. It is not any nutrient necessary for the body. Several scientists have conducted own research and concluded that by producing hydrogen cyanide, it curtails the progress of cancer. However, no government has yet authenticated this.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America  has banned the use of B17 as it is poisonous. It is illegal to prescribe this, it said. FDA refused to authorise prescription of the medicine as there is no proof that Laterile reduces cancer. Suggesting Laterile for treating cancer is considered as quack medicine for some.

Researchers say that...

However, many doctors oppose FDA argument that B17 is toxic. Prominent among them is G. Edward Griffin. He conducted elaborate and in-depth study of the functioning of B17 and wrote a book 'World Without Cancer.' But the laterile as alternative medicine for treating cancer, has become controversial right from the beginning. In May last year, Britain's Authority on Food Standards, made an announcement regarding selling of Apricot seeds. It said that consumed in large quantities they are harmful to health. With this, doubts over use of laterile increased.

Amygdaline is found in...

Soyabeans, Oregran Grape seeds, sweet potato, Apricot seeds, apple seeds, badam, Peach seeds, plum etc., naturally.


Research was conducted on laterile at Manhattan Sloan Kettering Institute of Cancer Research, at Manhattan in America, between 1972 and 1977. When laterile was injected into mice, the growth of certain tumours stopped. Pain was also reduced. These results were put forth by a scientist Kanimetsu Suriga. But three other scientists in the same institute did not authenticate these results. Later, some others studied the effect of laterile on 14 kinds of tumours and released the results. With this, Slaon Kettering Institute concluded that they are no beneficial effects of laterile.

However, a scientist from the same institute charged that efforts were being made to cover up the beneficial effect of laterile. Later, American National Institute of Health obtained the research papers and referred to the results of clinical experiments showing that Amigydaline has little or no effect on cancer. A study conducted by physiology department of Kunghi University in South Korea, proved that Amigydaline put up a great fight against prostate cancer cells.

Cancer is not diseaserepresentative imageAmerica's controversial philosopher, author and teacher, G. Edward Griffin wrote 'World Without Cancer,' in 1974 itself. He says that cancer is not a disease but just deficiency of some nutrients. He has also stated that intake of Amigydaline helped prevent growth of cancer. He also argued that laterile and its healthy benefits were buried because of political reasons. Even though a number of studies have proved that cancer can be cured with Vitamin B17, the results were not publicised, he said.


The results of several studies show that Vitamin B17 will control growth of cancer cells and will stop them from spreading. At the same time, other researchers state that there is no proff that Vitamin B17 cures cancer. Apart from these arguments, many doctors opine that when Vitamin b17 that is another form of Amigydaline is given as supplement to cancer patients, the results were very good. But sure shot standard studies have to be taken up on how Vitamin B17 controls cancer and to what extent is it effective.
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