What kind of BP machine should be procured?

Hypertensionor high blood pressure is a silent killer. It could lead toparalysis, heart attacks and kidney failures. It is wise to haveblood pressure apparatus at home to monitor your Blood Pressure (BP)levels from time to time. However, you should know what kind of BPapparatus are available and how they work.

Whilethe average BP of a person is 120/80, many of us higher levels,suggesting hypertension. It could be due to changing lifestyles orstressful situations at home or in office. This condition, ifneglected, leads to various heart-related diseases. Most of them canbe controlled through medication by a physician.

representation imageHowHypertension is caused

Therate of speed at which the arteries carry blood from the heart to thelimbs is proportionate to the rate at which the heart pumps thisblood. This rate is called Blood Pressure. Normally blood pressure is120/80. Increased blood pressure leads to various problems at variouslevels. At 140/90, the condition is called pre-hypertension. Overand above this level it is called Stage 1 hypertension. If BP exceeds160/100, then it is called Stage 2 hypertension. The condition of theperson is grave if BP exceeds this rate. However, persons above 60years with BP of 150/90, are considered as hypertensive.

ABP as low as 85/55 is normal in a few, who do not suffer from anysymptoms. Symptons of hypertension could be a reeling sensation,seizure (convulsion) and loss of concentration. Persistent painbehind the neck, irritation, anger and such other symptoms arerelated to high blood pressure. It is also true that these symptomsdo not exist in some hypertensive patients.


Thoseof you with history of hypertension should approach a doctor, whowill try to find out whether you have any kind of heart ailments orhabit such as smoking. He may call for blood tests to find outwhether you have high cholesterol or diabetes. After personalexamination through stethoscope, he may order other tests like ECG,echo and ultrasound, so that you may not suffer heart-relatedailments in the immediate future.

representation imageBPmonitors at home

Forpre-hypertensive or hypertensive persons it is advisable to have BPapparatus at home. This will ensure control over BP. Those above 25years should make it a habit to check their BP at least once a month.This could help you to seek a doctor's help as and when you think itnecessary and/or also change your lifestyle.

Paralysisor stroke occurrs when the systolic pressure rises from 180 to 200.Those who have hypertension can check their BP lat least once a daythrough the monitor. With this you can avoid grave situations.Hypertension in the morning hours increase chances of a stroke. Inthis case, BP should be checked twice a day so as to prevent strokes.

representation imageTypesof BP monitors

Thereare two types of BP monitors: manual and digital. The manual BPmonitors generally used by physicians will have a mercury meter. Thedoctor will tie a cuff above the arm and below the shoulder and pumpair into the cuff (airbag) up to 180 points and slowly releases theair. At the same time, he will place the stethoscope inside theelbow to find out BP.

representation imageDigitalmonitors display BP in numbers, after a less cumbersome process ofchecking. There are three types of digital BP monitors: Upper arm,wrist and finger BP monitors, depending on where the cuff is tied.

WirelessBP monitors display the reading in our android or I-phone throughbluetooth. Flipkart offers such Bluetooth, cordless BP monitor,branded as 'I health' for Rs 5,000. Qardio is another bluetoothcordless BP monitor manufacturer.

representation imageAccuracy

Itis good have use a monitor that shows accurate readings. The AmericanHeart Association recommends only upper arm digital monitors as wristand finger BP monitors may not show accurate readings. Standard BPmonitors used in hospitals and clinics show accurate readings.


Insome digital BP monitors, the monitor shines out a red light in casethe BP is beyond the recommended levels and green in case it isnormal. Certain machines caution you when hypertension reaches dangerlevel. A facility to store from 100 to 200 readings is useful to doctors who check fluctuation in BP.

Sizeof cuff

Accuracyis ensured when the cuff size is correct for the upper arm and istied properly. Cuffs come in three sizes: small, medium and large. BPmonitors in the market generally have a medium size cuff.


BPmonitors work on batteries or can be charged. It is better to have amonitor that works both ways. Also the size and weight of the monitorshould be taken into considertion.

representation imageAsper prescription

Youcan consult a doctor before purchasing a BP monitor, so as to ensurethat the meter shows near accurate readings. The readings may varywith old monitors.

Whenshould BP be monitored?

Visitigthe doctor to check your BP could produce fear that will show up inthe readings. At home, in a less worrisome situation, reading couldbe normal. Moreover, using Prednisolone or such kind of medicines,raises BP. Tell the physician what medicines you are using beforechecking BP.

Surprisingly,when the bladder is full, the systolic pressure is up by 15 pointsand diastolic by 10 points. It is good to have the bladder emptybefore checking BP. Stress, worry, smoking, chillness, exercise,taking coffee or salty food items, affects BP to rise.

representation imagePosture

Sitstraight holding back of a chair. Stretch your legs straight. Thehand to which the cuff is being tied should be stretched out straighton the table. While checking BP, stop talking. In case offluctuations, recheck after a few minutes. There should be nomovement while checking BP.

How the cuff is tied plays a great role in getting accurate readings. It should be tied directly on to the arm, with no clothing in between. A tight fitting cuff will cause the muscle to tighten, leading to BP rising.


Those who have this problem, suffer from strange nervous impulses. For such persons digital BP monitors cannot show accurate reading. But a standard BP apparatus with stethoscope shows the accurate readings for such patients as they nerve impulses are 200 times per minute.

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