New Zealand for innovative courses

New Zealand is among the top ten countries in the world for best education. One can study some innovative courses like dairy technology, horticulture, biotechnology, forensic science, marine engineering and others in the universities here. Cost of education and stay is lesser here than that in Australia. New Zealand is giving the students the opportunity of living in the country even after the completion of their courses too. If anyone can get permanent residence status, such candidates can complete their higher education with a loan from the government. University of Auckland and University of Otago in the country have a good name around the world.

Total cost of studying

For studying a bachelors degree in New Zealand, the tuition fee ranges between 10,000 to 18,000 New Zealand dollars.( 1 New Zealand dollar = Rs.45) For a post graduate degree, the tuition fee ranges between 14,000 to 25,000 dollars. Total cost of living per year is 12,000 New Zealand dollars. In student hostels, one has to pay 200 dollars per a week. As a paying guest, one has to pay 180 dollars per a week and the figure is 120 dollars for staying in a flat.

Student Visa

For doing short time courses having a duration of less than three months, student visa is not required. They can complete such courses by going there on visitor visa. Student visa is needed for those courses which are more than the duration. The visa period is decided based on the duration of the course. One has to get an admission letter from an educational institution recognized by New Zealand qualifications Authority. A local person or the educational institution should give a declaration stating that they are ready to provide accommodation for the student. Further, one has to show enough proofs of having money that is necessary for completing the education, living and getting return ticket after the completion of course.

Valid proofs for the same are bank loan statement if the student took educational loan, bank statement and fixed deposits, if any. If the parents are going to bear the cost of education of their children, the documents relating to their income should be submitted. One can get proper information on the same by contacting the institution, New Zealand education centers in India or its embassy or high commission. Enough information can also be got from the agents recognized by the Government of New Zealand.

No need of IELTS

For getting admission in any university, IELTS score is not needed. But, enough proofs have to be submitted stating that the student completed his education from fifth class to 12th class (Intermediate) in English medium. For applying to a post graduate degree, the candidates have to submit a certificate from the previous institution stating that the candidate completed his degree in English medium. If any candidate is studied in the local language, they have to get a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS. For studying a degree, one has to get at least 75 percent marks in Intermediate and 60 percent marks in English subject. If any candidate does not have enough qualifications, the universities may ask them to complete a foundation course at them. Better score in GRE and GMAT is compulsory for getting admission in masters degree courses.

Some universities receive the students at the airport itself and make all arrangements for their accommodation in the form of rented home, flat, hostel or as a paying guest. They provide all the related information on the same and it is the choice of students to choose one option among those. They also form a wing for complaints.

Part time job

Anyone having a student visa can do a part time job there for 20 hours in a week. One can do a full time job during holidays. These facilities are for those candidates only  who are doing the courses having the duration of more than two years. The IELTS score plays a key role in getting an admission into any university. Doctorate students can work for any number of hours as per their convenience. Intermediate students can work for 20 hours in a week. Students of part time courses and English language courses are not allowed to do part time jobs. Self employment of any form is also not allowed. All students must have health insurance.

Job after studies

In New Zealand, one can do a job after completing their education. After completing their degree or post graduation, one can do a job to gain enough experience in your field. Depending on the course of study, one can do a job till four years. Not only that, one can get resident status too.

Work visas

Post Study Work Visa (Open) : This visa is issued for a period of 12 months and is meant for those persons who try for a job in the subject of his study. During this time, one is allowed to do any part time job.

Post Study Work Visa (with the help of organisation) : This visa is issued to gain work experience and for a duration of two years. In some cases, the duration may be three years. The duration is decided keeping in view the type of job and the organisation for which the candidate is working. After the expiry of the visa, one can get resident visa of New Zealand in the field in which the candidate has skills. If there is a scarcity of professionals in a particular field, there is generally a full demand for such persons. Then, one can settle there with a good job. If anyone has enough qualifications, they can get the citizenship of the country too. Then, one can live with wife and children there. For this, one has to apply for visitor visa. With student visa, a person's wife and children can study there.

Reputed universities

University of Auckland, University of Otago,Massey University, University of Canterbury,University of Waikato, Victoria University of Wellington, Auckland University of Technology and Lincoln University are the top universities in New Zealand.


Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. World renown Auckland University is located here only. Auckland University of Technology and Massey University are located in this city. Wellington, the second largest city in the country, is the capital of the country. Victoria University of Wellington, several engineering and polytechnic colleges are located here. In Christchurch city, Lincoln University and other good institutions are there.

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