Medical education in China can be cheaper than India

Indian students are now looking upto China for studying different courses, as the fees there is cheaper than in many advanced countries. Most students prefer China for doing medicine. The attractive things about the country are low tuition fee and easy admission process.    

Low fee

Educational institutions in China offer medicine course cheaper than in India. In China, the fee for one semester is below $1000 and the fee for short-time courses is less than some hundreds of dollars. One can study the courses like Economics, International Trade, MBA and finance there. However, one is advised to opt for studies in China only after going through all the related issues.

The Education Department in China (MOE) publishes a brochure containing the list of medical colleges and the procedure of admission for foreign students in the colleges. The information in this brochure is useful for the students. One can get this list from the website of Indian embassy in China. The Education Department itself advises the students not to join those colleges which do not have a place in the list. The Medical Council Of India gives eligibility certificates only to those candidates who have studied in the educational institutions which are recognized by MOE. Only such candidates are eligible to write foreign medical graduate examination. The qualified candidates in this examination can do internship either in China or India and then start practice as a doctor. For getting admission in medical colleges in China, one has to get at least 60 percent of marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in their Intermediate course. However, the eligibility rules may change from one university to other.

Syllabus is same

In fact, China curriculum is prepared after going through the curriculum of some universities in India, USA and UK. Dalian Medical University, Guangxi Medical University, Harbin Medical University and others are prominent universities there. There are hostel facilities in several universities. One has to get all information on the reputation of the college, standards of faculty and other facilities before applying. Those students who are going to China through agents have to know everything about them. It is not at all a difficult thing to learn Mandarin, the official language of China. Getting a basic idea on the language takes only a few months. One can be fluent in Mandarin within a year. As the medical students have to speak with patients in Mandarin only, it is essential to learn the language.


Enough care should be taken in the matter of personal security. Robberies are routine in South China since recent times. Disputes between the students of different countries are taking place at regular intervals there. One has to be alert at your home and while travelling in local transport too. You should not keep a large amount of money while going out. It is better to keep money in your account.

It is not possible to do a part-time job in China for paying tuition fee and other expenditure. If any agent suggests that one can make some money by doing a part-time job there, it is just a lie. You are advised to get all promises of agents in written form so they come in handy at the time of trouble. One should not study in those colleges which are lacking in standards. All colleges in China are not following the standards prescribed by the Education Department of China. It is the duty of every student to try to get proper information on the institution they want to join so they will not have trouble later. You may have to spend much for maintaining good health and so medical insurance is compulsory. Immediately after landing in China, every student should send all his details to consular officer at the Indian embassy through e-mail or letter.

Two types of visas

For students, China is giving two types of visas and they are X1 and X2. X1 visas are issued for those candidates who study courses having more duration than six months and less than five years. X2 visas are for those candidates who are studying courses having lesser duration than the above. After landing in China, all the students have to register their names at Public Security Bureau with their visa within one month. Only then the students will get permission to stay in China.

Top ten for medical education

Peking Union Medical College, Third Military Medical University, Second Military Medical University, The Fourth Military Medical University, Capital Medical University, Southern Medical University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Medical University, China Pharmaceutical University and Harbin Medical University are the top ten universities for studying medicine.

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