Dry fruits add luster to your beauty!

 People generally do not know about the benefits of dry fruits. Only a few persons know that these food items play a key role in giving beauty to us. In this article, we will give you some tips from beauty and nutrition experts.


Fatty acid, proteins and fibre are rich in almonds. Almonds play a key role in getting rid of pimples. One can get good results if one can do face pack with almonds. Soak powdered almonds in water for some time, add milk to it and place it in mixer and then apply it to your face. It removes dead cells and cleanses0 it. After this, luster can be seen in your face. Hair looks shining and beautiful by applying almond oil to it.

Dry grapes

Eating a few dry grapes daily helps keep your eyes healthy. These are also helpful for good health of teeth. Vitamin A is rich in dry grapes. Every one knows that Vitamin A helps for better eyes. As dry grapes contain the antioxidant resveratrol, these are helpful for the good health of skin too. Experts advise that taking dry grapes prevents skin folds.


These are also called akhrots. Walnuts may not be tasty. But they have good nutritional values and help for our health a lot. Omega fatty 3 acids are rich in walnuts. They provide some nutrients to dry skin and keep it healthy. The mixture of some akhrots and three tablespoons curd can be used as a soap and apply it on your face. Linoleic acid in akhrots prevents folds and lines on your skin. The akhrots are also good for your brain. Omega acids help keep your heart healthy.


Eating cashew in a small quantity is helpful for your health. One can eat cashew daily and lose weight. The cashew oil is used in some beauty products too. It corrects sun tanned skin and leg cramps too. The Vitamin E in cashew prevents ageing effects on skin. Cashew is helpful in controlling cholesterol, blood sugar and high BP. This dry fruit is also helpful for those who are suffering from migraine pain.


Nutritional values are rich in pistachio. Vitamin E is widely available in this kind of dry fruits. Pistachio gives protection to your skin from ultraviolet rays. Rare nutritional values like carotenoids,Lutein and zeaxanthin are available in Pistachio. The antioxidants in this item prevents skin folding and cancer too. These are also helpful for good digestion and controlling BP. Eating these items keeps you away from heart diseases.

Thu, May 12, 2016, 11:49 AM
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