Rice or Roti ... which is better?

Indians generally take rice or wheat as their staple food. Which is better? Elders advise rotis for those who are suffering from obesity. Diabetes patients too prefer rotis to rice. This article tries to give you complete information on both the staple food items.  


Rotis prepared with wheat flour are better when they are made without oil. Wheat contains proteins four times higher than that in rice. Similarly, wheat contains three times higher carbohydrates and 10 times higher potassium than in rice. Glycemic index is less in wheat than in rice. It means glucose levels won't rise in blood. Roti contains six times higher fibre than in rice. Due to this, digestion becomes slow and one does not feel hungry for a longtime. Carbohydrates in rice easily mix with blood and this troubles diabetes patients. As fibre is high in wheat flour and digestion becomes slow, it takes time for carbohydrates to mix with blood. 


Fibre and micro nutrients are high in brown rice than in white rice. Brown rice is better for those persons who do not want to feel hungry even while having less food. Brown rice and white rice have almost equal nutritional values. Rotis are better for diabetes patients and those who suffer from heart problems. Glycemic index is less in wheat. Glucose levels will increase in blood with the food items having high glycemic index. So, having rotis is advisable. Rice is better food for those persons who want to gain weight. If anyone does not like wheat flour, rice can be taken in small quantities at regular intervals than consuming full rice at a time.

Rice & Roti

There is a benefit if rice and rotis are taken in a meal. It is better to have meals only two times in a day, taking one roti as part of the meals and vegetables in large quantities. If one takes the food having carbohydrates in a meal, one has to take protein-rich food items in the next. With this, one can be healthy with balanced food.

Thu, May 12, 2016, 11:46 AM
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