How to write the best resume?

Resume is nothing but a document with which one can win the heart of the recruiter. It is one document through which one can claim s/he is the right person for the job. In it, one explains his/her educational qualifications, personal capabilities, skills, experience, what one can do if given a job and other related issues. One has to prepare the resume in such a way that the employer feels that 'He/She is perfect for the position'. However, one should not write a resume by getting the format from internet and by just replacing the name. In resume, you have to tell great things about yourself. In this article, we try to provide you with some tips on writing the best resume.

Writing with concentration

One has to write resume by putting in much effort. All candidates have to look at once whether a particular resume is fit for the job they are applying. One has to make corrections to their resume as per the job specifications. All candidates must try to get some information on their role in the particular job, expectations of the company and other related information.

Keywords must

Some necessary keywords must have a place in resume. The employers screen the resumes with applicant-tracking system software to find the best resumes. After that, some shortlisted resumes will reach the table of the recruiter. The aim of a candidate should be that his/her application would be selected by the recruiter in this screening. So, all keywords must be there. One can get proper keywords by typing the 'job name and key words' in Google. These keywords in the resume will give enough information to the employer about you.

For example, in case of a job in the HR department, proper keywords in the resume can be benefits and compensation, HR policy development and execution, payroll administration, performance management, job analysis/development, risk management, training and development, human resource administration, merger and acquisition and others. For a Salesperson's job, proper keywords can be marketing, analysis, research and display.

What should be in a resume?

Name, contact information, address, e-mail ID, phone number and the LinkedIn profile of the candidate should have a place in the resume. Many resumes have this procedure. But, there is no fixed format for a resume. Generally, the resumes are prepared in three formats like reverse chronological, functional and combination. Those candidates who have professional experience, write their resumes in the reverse chronological way. It means writing name and address in the beginning and then professional profile, professional experience, education and additional skills. In functional format resumes, much focus will be on explaining skills and capabilities. In these kinds of resumes, the order of presenting will be name, address, introduction/summary, skills, work experience and education. The combination resume will be just the combination of above two resumes.


The introduction or summary is the key in any resume which has to be there after name, address and contact information. In this part, a candidate has to explain himself why and how he is the suitable candidate for the job. In this part of the resume, all candidates have to clearly explain themselves. The introduction should be direct.

If you are a marketing manager, you will explain to the customer all the good features of a particular product. Your resume should be written in similar way. In summary section, you have to explain about the product. It would be advantageous if you can explain in brief the benefit to the company with your induction into the job. Some recruiters give much preference to introduction. In resume, the candidate has to explain about his past and future.

In case of freshers, they have to explain their educational qualifications, name of educational institutes if they are reputed ones, grades and medals secured and others. If you have excellent communication skills and leadership qualities, you have to mention the same in your resume.

Professional experience

You have to mention your professional experience, experience in different fields, successes in your career and other achievements in your resume. But, all of them should be mentioned in brief only.


In resume, you have to explain your educational qualifications. If you have completed Ph.D., you have to first mention your details of Ph.D, then PG and then degree. You have to give the year of course completion too. If you have passed the examination in top grade, you have to mention it in the resume. Details of awards and gold medals, if any, have to be given in the resume. It would be advantageous to give the details of computer, technical and professional courses done, if any. Special skills and capabilities should also have a place in your resume.

Companies are looking for special skills if you are applying for an IT job. All the details of your software programs and the projects completed should be given in your resume. If any candidate still has some doubts on writing resumes, they can once go through some resume formats in internet. One can get an understanding on writing resumes by going through a couple of resumes in internet.

Samples of resumes can also be viewed at


In case of freshers, single page resume is sufficient. Experienced candidates can write it in two to three pages. The preferred fonts for writing the resumes are Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Georgia, Tahoma and Bookman old style. Entire resume should have the same font. Name should have the font size of 24, headers should be of 12 size and text can be in the font size of 10. Don't decrease the font size with the intention of restricting the entire resume to one page.

The resume looks attractive if given a space of one line at the end of every section like name, address, summary, experience and others. A margin of one inch should be there on both sides of the page. After completing the resume, one must check if any error is there in it. If any spelling mistake, grammatical mistake or information error is there in the resume, your candidature is about to be neglected.

The most important thing one has to keep in mind is that all the information in your resume should be clear and brief. If it is lengthy, the recruiter may get vexed with it and neglect it finally. However, one can pay some amount of money to Naukri, Times Jobs and Monster so that they will give you a nice resume.

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