Ways to increase height: Any options?

Normally people are attracted to the taller ones in a group. No doubt, every man aspires to be at least six feet tall. But persons, who are at least this tall, are few in the country. The number of those who are at least 5.9 feet is also very less. A majority of the people are between 5.6 ft. and 5.8 ft. tall. Some are shorter than this average height. It is not known why. But many strongly aspire to be tall. Let us look in to the aspects that lead to increase in height and what can be done by the individual, in this regard.

To grow tall or be short is a genetic issue. Environment and other aspects also have an impact. Once your growth plates are closed, then it means that you have stopped growing in height. Efforts to increase height before this phase will yield rich results, say researchers.

Genetic factor
Genes that you have inherited, decide your height. It is called polygenic. If both the parents are short, does not mean to say that their children should be short. The vice versa is also true. If people on both sides of parentage are short, the likelihood of the children being short is more. It is not known how tall you will be until you reach your maximum physical growth, which is normally around the age of 18 years.

Avoid counter actions
The impact of factors other than genetics on height is equally important. There a few options available to the individual to try and increase his or her height through external efforts. But by removing the hurdles in the way of reaching normal height, a person can reap rich results. Lack of nutritious diet impedes growth in height. Even drugs and alcohol have the same effect. Caffeine has no direct effect on height. But it affects sleep that is important to physical growth. Children and youngsters need at least nine to 10 hours of sleep per day. As per the results of the internet health research report brought out by Columbia University, it is proved that smoking, even passive smoking, is counterproductive to growth in height. Steroids too have an effect on height.

Adequate Sleep
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced in the pituitary gland, naturally. It is active during sleep. HGH production is increased in good sleep. Sometimes doctors might suggest medicines to produce more HGH. These have an adverse, harmful effect. It is better to clarify these doubts with the doctor. Sleeping on the back, with the spine straight is helpful. Keep the body erect as much as possible. This might be inconvenient at first, but doing this helps in growth of height. Also, it is good for the spine not to have a pillow under the head.

Nutritious food
Nutritious food also plays a key role in increasing your height. Make sure to get all the minerals and vitamins. If you think that you are not getting adequate nutrients, take supplements with doctor’s suggestions. Children need adequate carbohydrates, calories and calcium.

The development of bones is important in physical growth. Vitamin D should be adequate in children for the development of bones. This helps in absorption of calcium by the bones in children. When the body is exposed to the sun for some time daily, it gets enough Vitamin D. For adequate proteins, children should have eggs, beans, cheese and meat. In case of deficiency, protein powder should be had, mixed with milk.

Inadequate zinc also leads to lack of growth. Breakfast in the morning should be nutritious. Eggs, milk and dry fruits might be given. There should be adequate calcium. Fruits, spinach and carrots can be had. When the body gets enough fuel, all the systems will function normally. Blood supply will improve along with the rate of metabolism and bones will grow strong and long. All this is possible with balanced and nutritious food. It does not mean eating in bulk and growing fat. It should be learnt that overweight impedes growth.

Strong immune system
Right nutritious food, adequate sleep, and constant exercise will strengthen the immune system. Some kind of diseases hampers growth. That is why, it is essential to keep the immune system strong and efficient, to fight diseases. Vitamin C is essential for strengthening immune system. Orange, sweet lime, lemon, grapes have a lot of Vitamin C. Processed foods, zero energy foods and fats should be avoided.

Physical exercise
Correct posture
Many do not know that right posture plays an important role in increase in height. This is brought about by standing straight. Bone growth is unhindered. Doctors suggestions can be taken knowing about how to hold the head, how to stand or walk. This too helps in increasing height to a certain extent.

Doctor’s suggestions
If teenagers are short despite being born in a family of tall people, doctors should be consulted, as they will determine whether it is due to lack of growth hormone, weakening of immune system or other reasons and suggest treatment.
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