Why Aadhar card...Download mAadhar app
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You don't have to carry your physical Aadhar card anymore, where ever it is necessary. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIAI) has created mAadhar app, that can be downloaded on to your smart phone and used instead of your Aadhar card. Let us see how it is beneficial and how to use it.

You must download the app on to the smart phone, in which your phone number is the same as that of the one in your Aadhar data base. You can download mAadhar app from Google Play Store and install it. The first step is the setting of a password. The password has to be between eight to 12 characters. In this there should be an alphanumeric code, with a special character. If you get an One-Time Password (OTP) while accessing the app, do not bother to add it. The app will automatically access it. When the app is connected to UIA data base, you will be able to see your Aadhar info. For this, you should have internet, as the app does not work offline. The app is exclusively for mobile phones. Supposing you change your SIM (linked with Aadhar), from one phone to another, you can download mAadhar app freshly. As soon as you do this, the app profile in your old phone will be deactivated automatically.

If you have given your mobile phone number, as link to Aadhar of any other family member, you will need to add their profile in your phone. A user can add three profiles in this manner, on his phone. In case of queries, you can visit maadhaar@uidai.net.in, for help.

Before adding any profile, OTP has to be entered. That is why, it is better to keep using the mobile number that you gave, during the time of applying for Aadhar. Set the password. In the next page, fill in the Aadhar card details. This is called a profile. Or you can just scan the QR code on the Aadhar card and  the app will access the details automatically. You will receive a verification code. The app will access this code. Later, whenever you need to use the app, you will need to give the password. So even if you lose the phone, it is ok.

You don't need to carry your Aadhar physical card or xerox copy with you. You can access Aadhar biometric details, via lock, unlock facility, through this app. If users want to update their profile, they can request for the same through this app. The profile will be updated, once the UIA staff review the request and accept it. You can share QR code and password-protected ekyc data through mAadhar app, without revealing the Aadhaar info. As such, any service provider will be to access the Aadhaar details of the user, with the help of the app. There is another feature in the app, which generates a temporary one time password for the user, instead of OTP via SMS.
Sat, Oct 28, 2017, 12:47 PM
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