Tasty vegetable pizza recipe

Pizza lovers need not go far to taste it. They need not spend hundreds of rupees. They can make tasty pizza at home itself. However, they would need to spend some time and energy for it. Some ingredients too need to be bought, to make pizza.

Pizza is liked by many, from children to elders. It can be consumed at all times. The quality and hygiene of readymade pizzas are suspect. Let us see how to prepare pizza at home:

representational imageMaida 2 cups; dried yeast 2 tsps; oil 1 tsp; sugar or honey 1/4 tsp, salt 1/2 a tsp, one cup warm water: These are necessary of the pizza base. Readymade pizza base is available in the market. For pizza topping, you need, onion 1 (chopped), Green, Red and Yellow bell peppers (capsicum), half of each variety chopped or one-and-a-half green capsicum chopped, tomato 1 chopped, green chillies 2 chopped, fresh sweet corn kernels 2 tsps.

Making the pizza involves three steps: Pizza base, arranging the toppings, and cooking in the microwave oven.
Time taken to prepare the pizza is 20 minutes and that taken for cooking it is 15 minutes. Total time is 35 minutes. The measurements given above are sufficient for four regular pizzas. Each pizza contains 320 calories. The quantity of the flour and other ingredients can be increased for more number of pizzas. Or the size of the pizzas can be reduced.

representational imageIn some recipes, pizza base is first baked separately, before the toppings are arranged. Toppings can be varied, according to taste. Sliced mushrooms, shredded chicken, or paneer can be added. Grated cheese can be sprinkled on the toppings, before cooking. You can follow the instructions in the booklet that comes along with your oven, for cooking the pizza.
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