10 common ingredients that prevent diseases

Health is wealth...is an idiom that all accept. It is true that you are better off healthy than rich. In these days of more comforts and less focus on protecting the environment, it has become necessary for all to become concerned about health. In this connection, let us learn more about 10 ingredients that prevent diseases and help to improve health.

representational imageGarlic
Garlic and onion belong to the same species. Garlic has a number of medicinal qualities. Doctors all over the world agree to this. Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. Sulphur compounds in garlic fight diseases. They work as anti-oxidants. Garlic has more uses in protecting the heart. Bad cholesterol is very much reduced in those who eat at least six garlic cloves in a week. It also reduces risk due to prostrate and stomach cancers. Take at least one garlic clove daily for good health. Before consuming, remove the skin from the garlic cloves, cut them and let them remain for 10 minutes. It releases the disease prevention qualities of garlic.

representational imageOlive oil
Olive oil reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL). Those with a high level of good cholesterol are less prone to heart attacks. Mono-saturated fats in it facilitate this. Olive oil also contains an anti-oxidant called phenol. These prevent cholesterol formation on the walls of the blood vessels. A teaspoon of Olive oil can be taken daily. A variety of Olive oils like virgin, extra virgin and cold pressed are good. Oil is extracted when the Olive seeds are pressed. On the other hand, solvents and oil extracted by heating do not have a good amount of anti-oxidants.

representational imageBlueberries
Blueberries (resembling black grapes) contain high amount of anti-oxidants. They prevent a lot of diseases. They have more disease preventive qualities than some 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables. They are called blue guards as far as preventing heart diseases are concerned. They can also prevent cancer and Alzheimer's. They are best when it comes to preventing urinary tract infections. The anti-oxidants present in them helps in this. They stop bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. All these benefits occur by taking just half a cup of blue berries.

representational imageBroccoli
Broccoli is no. 1 in fighting cancer. This is possible due to sulforaphane, sulphur compounds. The strong odour that is emitted when broccoli is boiled is because of these. The compounds stimulate production of enzymes that fight cancer-causing materials. Consuming high amounts of broccoli reduces risk of breast, lungs, stomach and colon cancers. Half a cup of boiled broccoli is adequate. Ordinary cabbage can be used instead of broccoli. It contains all the compounds present in broccoli.

representational imageCurd/Yogurt
Curd or yogurt is very good for health. It has high percentage of calcium. It also has beneficial bacteria called pro-biotic bacteria. If you need to prevent harmful bacteria growing in the intestine, you have to eat curd. By consuming more curd, you can successfully prevent inflammatory bowel disease (frequent bowel movements). Also, ulcers, urinary tract and genital infections can be reduced. Daily 175 gm of low-fat curd should be consumed for all the above mentioned benefits.

This generation knows little about oats. It is a healthy food. Beta gluten in oats prevents bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. Beta gluten is kind of solvable fibre. A daily portion of one cup of boiled oats bran or one-and-a-half-cup of oat meal will provide enough beta gluten to reduce at least 5 per cent of bad cholesterol. Also it reduces the risk of heart attack by 10 per cent. Lots of people consume oats for breakfast, boiling it with milk or water.

representational imageBesides polyphenols, oats also have anti-oxidants group avenanthramides. They increase production of nitric oxide and reduce high blood pressure. The blocks in the blood stream are removed and circulation of blood takes place smoothly. It also helps in reducing LDL cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood. It improves insulin response. It is filling. Beta gluten in oats increases beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. Oat meal helps in reducing weight. Check your weight after taking oat meal for a month as breakfast. You will be surprised by the result.

Flax seeds
A tablespoon of flak seeds consumed daily, is very beneficial for health. Lignans or plant compounds present in flak seeds function like estrogens. They block the estrogens preventers on cells. Rate of cancer growth concerning hormones is greatly reduced. Even breast cancer is reduced. They also prevent asthma and pimples because of the anti-oxidants present in them. One or two teaspoons of flak seeds should be taken daily.

representational imageCinnamon
Cinnamon is one of the aromatic, effective disease preventive herb. It is a natural medicine for diabetics. It regulates the sugar levels in the blood. Blood clots can be prevented by eating an apple pie spice, made out of one tablespoon cinnamon, one teaspoon of nutmeg, half a teaspoon cloves, one teaspoon cardamoms and one teaspoon of allspice. Cinnamon has anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory qualities. Studies have proved that Cinnamon has the quality of curbing Ecoli bacteria. 1/4th teaspoon of Cinnamon taken daily reduces triglycerides. Total cholesterol will be reduced from 12 to 30 per cent. A small amount of Cinnamon in tea or coffee is very beneficial.

representational imageGreen tea
Green tea is different from ordinary tea. It has anti-oxidants in abundance. They protect from heart diseases. Physical and mental health is maintained as a result. Anti-oxidants prevent stroke or cancer. They also improve blood circulation, by removing blocks. In those who consume one or two cups of green tea daily, contraction of blood vessels is reduced by 46 per cent, studies proved. In women who consume green tea, 22 per cent breast cancer threat is reduced. In a study involving 69,710 women in China, it was observed that 57 per cent of colorectal cancer is reduced.

representational imageBeans
Beans are good for the heart. Soluble fibre in them dissolves cholesterol. It discharges the cholesterol particles out of the body, even before they could collect on the walls of the blood vessels. Those who suffer from heart diseases and high blood pressure, should have more of beans which are fibrous. Many studies have proved that by eating beans that contain soluble fibre, 15 per cent of cholesterol is reduced. Even anti-oxidants are present in them in abundance. There will be good results by consuming at least one cup of beans daily. Beans contain only two to three per cent fat. They have no cholesterol. It is a healthy alternative to meats. Beans helps in reducing blood sugar levels.
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