Tricks for 'smart' photos, with phone camera

Smart phones are no longer used just when necessary. The whole world is at their feet. The camera in the smart phone is useful, in not just capturing every sweet moment or attractive scene, but also to make them immemorial. Learn how to use the camera in your smart phone, effectively, through these simple techniques.

Do not shake Neither the camera nor your hands should shake while taking a picture. This improves image quality. You can click a picture, by just touching the screen. However, for a steady image, it is better to click by pressing the button meant for that. There is a chance of clicking a shaky picture, while using your hand to select on the screen. Hold the phone with both hands in landscape position and then click, for better picture quality. In this position, clicking with the volume button is convenient. In most phones, the volume button is used for clicking by default. In others, you will need to select it from Settings. In any case, an Android third party app can be downloaded from Google play for the purpose. This app also has 'set stability' option. This ensures a good picture, despite some shaking.

representational imageLighting
Lighting is the life of photography. If you know how much light a picture needs, you can click some fantastic images. For some pictures, the so-called 'Golden Hour' is essential. Soon after Sunrise or just before Sunset, is 'Golden Hour.' The environment is still during these hours. Photography experts believe that these hours are excellent for landscape pictures. Noon time, snowy or cloudy weather are not suitable for photography. During these times, portrait photos will come out well. The image will be rid of all extra flourishes. While taking pictures indoors, make sure that there is adequate lighting.
Do not use flash light, when the lighting is less. The quality will not improve because of flash light. Use camera iBlazr instead of camera exposure or increasing ios flash levels. For clicking good images in the dark, download night camera (Android) or night cam (ios) app. There should not be much light behind the scenes that you are about to click. It is better not to click as soon as you open the camera. The picture will appear orange in color. The camera has to adjust itself to the light around it, which takes a few seconds. This improves picture quality.

representational imagePlacing photos
Inexperienced photographers can use the grid view, to place the picture correctly before clicking. Many smart phones have this option. By opening the option a grid of nine blocks, appears on the screen. The selected subject or scene should be aligned with the grid. This creates a much more balanced picture. The subject should not cover the entire screen. Only one third of the screen space should be covered by the picture, experts suggest. The remaining area should remain as negative space. This will enhance the subject.

Background also could be used effectively to highlight the subject. For example: When three persons are sitting at the bottom of a tall building, instead of zooming in, option of zooming out is used, to show as if the building is about to collapse. It can be shown as if there is a natural calamity. The area in front of the subject too, strengthens its quality.

Precious moments
You need a lot of patience to click pictures. While a ceremony is taking place, you will need to wait for the really effective moments, to capture them on the screen. Some emotional sequences and expressions like surprise, awe, or shock, should be captured quickly, before they change. These will remain as memorable pictures.

More than one photo
One thing to remember about a smart phone is do not be content with one click. Snap at least two or three versions of the same feature. Later, the one that is good can be retained, while the rest can be erased. Especially group photos and selfies have to be shot more than once. Sometimes, the hand might shake or someone in the group is looking away or the eyelids drop for some.

representational imageSettings
Smart phone camera is set in default mode. Most use the camera routinely, without looking into the details of all the features. If the quality of the photographs has to be good, the settings have to be changed often. Focus, exposure, white balance, ios, etc., options are found in settings. In white balance, there are four options. Depending on the area where the picture is being clicked, the option can be chosen. Several options like cloudy, day light, fluorescent, incandescent, auto and other options are available. While cloudy and daylight options can be used outdoors, options like fluorescent and incandescent options are sued indoors. The quality of the picture also improves, when the resolution is high. When you select large option, JPEG quality is cent per cent.

Do not zoom
As far as smart phone cameras are concerned, it is better to go close to the subject and click, rather than zoom in. You will have photos with good quality. But for this, storage capacity should be huge. But now this is not a big issue. Photos can be stored even outside the phone, via memory card or in cloud storage.

Third party camera app
There are limited functions in a smart phone camera. By downloading a third party app, you can enjoy better options. ios Camera for iphones and pro-capture-free for Android users are some of them. Night cam, pro-HDR (ios, Android) apps can also be reviewed. These apps are updated from time to time.

Photo-editing app
Photo-editing app will help in fine tuning the quality of the images. There are a number of options for this, like camera and camera FV5. Photoshop Express (ios, Android), Pics, LR Express (ios, Android) etc. apps, facilitate crop, rotation, flip etc., features of Photoshop.

There is an option called ISO in advanced cameras. It will adjust the sensor for lighting of images. When the lighting is less, the sensor is less activated. When it is increased, the sensor activation is high. Keep the ISO level less for better picture quality.

representational imageShutter speed
The way the image appears, quality of the photo, and most importantly, quality of videos, depends on the shutter speed. Shutter speed refers to the time in which the image sensor in the camera, grasps light. It is also called exposure time. The time span in which light reaches the sensor as soon as the camera app is opened, is speed. If this time span is more, more light reaches the sensor, making the pictures brighter. ISO should be set at low, to increase the span of capture time. There should be a time gap between shutter speed and ISO, for good quality picture. Increased shutter speed is necessary for underwater photography. Low shutter speed should be used for fast moving objects. Like a moving car or while taking pictures in natural surroundings. Very low shutter speed will result in dark photos.
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