How safe is it to use deodorant or perfume?

It is not good etiquette to smell of sweat or grim, while moving in social circles. It is an embarrassing situation to face. That is why body sprays and deodorants, that we were not even aware of, have become very popular now. Body sprays or deodorants are harmless as long as they are made from natural products, like flowers or fruits. Experts however, do not recommend those made out of chemicals.

Sweating is one of the physical properties of living beings. Bacteria grows in hot and humid conditions. For example, there is more friction and heat, in underarms, feet, groins, etc., regions than anywhere else in the body. They, especially armpits, are breeding grounds for bacteria. Due to the reaction of the bacteria with sweat, an acid called Trans3methyl2hexonaic is produced, resulting in foul smell. In fact, sweat is odorless. It is the bacterial reaction that causes the foul smell.

representative imageDeodorants and perfumes act on the sweat glands and stop sweating. Some people start sneezing, every time body spray or room deodorant reaches their nostrils. Such persons should understand that these do not agree with them and should avoid them. Those suffering from asthma or allergies, face problems because of these. At least 30 per cent population face irritability due to these, according to a study conducted by researchers of University of West Georgia.Perfumes are not allergens. But the body immune system releases certain chemicals, whenever it comes across irritants or allergens. With this, symptoms of inflammation, watering of the eyes and blocking of the nostrils, are caused. But irritants are certain chemicals, that cause several symptoms. These symptoms are almost the same as physical reactions to sprays or deodorants. However, the symptoms caused by allergies are much more severe.

Problems of the lungs, nose or eyes are caused due to sensitivity to foie gras. Headache, difficulty in breathing, rasping, chest cramps, bloating, nose leaking, sneezing, itching of the skin, burning sensation and rash are caused. Those who have these problems, should stay away from products made with foie gras. They should make sure that the lotions, soaps and other beauty products that they use do not contain foie gras.

Almost all deodorants have aluminum chlorohydrate. There is not much harm due to this. But aluminum chloride is very harmful. That is why, American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned kidney patients from using deodorants that contain aluminum. When deodorants with aluminum are used, some portion of the metal enter the body through the skin, causing harm to kidneys. FDA has made this observation. When these products are used, diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia, which result in loss of memory power, occur much earlier than normal. Normally, these diseases are seen in aged people. They lead to dullness, stammering etc. Deodorant is considered as a cosmetic, by FDA. They contain sodium starate, sodium chloride, sterile alcohol, trichloroson, etc., chemicals.

representative imageIf pregnant women are affected by the chemicals in deodorants and perfumes, children will be born with defects, it appears. The kids will mature much earlier than normal. They affect cell changes and hormone balance. That is why the victims mature faster than normal. Anxiety has been expressed over development of breast cancer in women who rub perfumes, deodorants, or sweat-control balms, on underarms. But this has not been proved so far.Skin allergies are common in users of deodorants with chemicals and alcohol. Skin might be subject to scaling. Rashes occur. Likewise, trichloroson is a pest control chemical, that darkens the skin, when products which contain it, are used. It results in severe headaches, migraines, and headaches due to sinus. Those who are allergic to it suffer headaches.

Chemicals used in making perfumes

Some facts
When did use of deodorants begin?
The first commercial deodorant came in to use, in end of 19th century. The modern deodorant was introduced by Jules Martiner, on January 28th, 1941. He also took a patent for it. After the patent expired, innumerable deodorants hit the market.

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