Lack of sunlight leads to diseases

Circulation and other regular activities in the body can go on smoothly, when exposed to sunlight. The sun rays should reach every cell in the body. Only then can you be healthy. Vitamin D will be produced adequately. As such, many diseases will remain at bay. You will not fall sick frequently.

Many do not like sunlight. If they have to spend one day in the hot sun, they are irritated. Some are afraid that they might lose their glamour if they go out in the sun. All these are nothing but the luxurious living of modern life. There was a time when nothing happened without going out in the sun. But now there are numerous ways to avoid the sun, since the time of going out to coming back home. Sunlight does not touch you even for five minutes at a stretch. It has become common, not to absorb the sun rays. But think again. Were there so many diseases and health problems, some 20 to 30 years ago. Today we face all these because we don't give a chance to the sunrays to touch us directly, experts say.

representative imageSun rays bring about hormonal changes in the body. Serotonin is released because of sun rays. This hormone is necessary for us to be happy. It keeps the mind calm and improves concentration. Darkness sends different signals to the brain. Melatonin hormone is produced. This hormone helps in sleeping. As such you will sleep peacefully.

Without adequate sunlight, adequate serotonin is not produced. As such, behavioral changes like Depression, stress etc occur. You will feel tired quickly and moods will change. All this is due to lack of Vitamin D. There are numerous benefits in getting adequate amount of the sun daily.

Sunlight acts on certain corners of the retina in our eyes. Serotonin is produced because of this. According to a study by Mayo clinic, decrease in serotonin levels leads to (SAD) problems. This is seen more in Winters, when the daylight is less and darkness is more. Light therapy is the best treatment. This is also called photo therapy. This therapy is used to treat jaundice in infants. The light reduced the production of Melatonin in the brain and increases that of Serotonin. Women can gain relief from Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) and mental stress, by exposing themselves to sunlight for a while. Even pregnant women can be rid of stress. It is clear that exposure to sunlight daily for a while, will reduced mental stress and irritability.

representative imageDiseases are eliminated
If you expose yourself to sunlight daily, for an hour in the morning and another in the evening, 90 per cent of the diseases will be eliminated. Coconut oil should be rubbed on to the skin before exposing to the sun. As such, sun rays will reach every cell in the body. The cells will be activated. Diseases will be eliminated. As sunlight reaches every cell in the body, they become healthy. However, diseased cells cannot absorb sunlight. For this, medical experts have discovered a small device, that transfer the sunrays to diseased cells. For example, if the device is placed in the heart region of a person who suffered from heart attack, the sunrays reach the diseased cells. They have realised that this way there is recovery. That is why sunrays are known as protectors from diseases.

Sanjeevani for infants
When unhealthy children were examined, it was found that they lacked Vitamin D. Another study proved that at least two out of every five children who were admitted to the hospital, suffered from Vitamin D deficiency. Children hospitalised due to septic shock (reduced circulation) suffered from inadequate Vitamin D. They are suggested to take Vitamin D drops. Sunrays are essential to treat jaundice and rickets in children.

representative imageWill sun rays cause cancer?
Out of the 57 states in United States of America (USA), some 37 states have adequate sunrays. Cancer cases in these states are very less, a study showed. In another 20 states, where sunrays are inadequate, more number of cancer cases are recorded. Experts said that cancer can be cured through sun rays but it will not occur due to them. Cosmetic companies claim that Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun harm the skin, leading to cancer. However, nature cure specialists, environmentalists and other medical experts maintain that the chemicals in cosmetics lead to cancer. There is a hormone called pro-estrogen in lipsticks, which is said to cause unusual growth of mammary glands in women, which might lead to breast cancer.

It is a myth that sunlight causes cancer and in fact, it cures cancer, they said. They argued that up till now, it has not been proved anywhere that sunlight leads to cancer. Laborers are seen working hard under the sun, throughout the day. Why is it that cancer cases among them is very less, they question. It is nothing but propagation by companies, they said. Another research proved that inadequate exposure to sunlight causes, colon cancer, Hadkins Lymphoma, ovaries cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer.

What does WHO say?
World Health Organisation (WHO) says that exposure to sunrays daily will cure many skin diseases. Exposure to the sunlight daily, for at least 15 minutes, will produce Vitamin D in the body. Doctors are recommending exposure to the UV rays of the sun, to treat psoriasis, eczema, jaundice, acne etc. Sunrays also help in curing Vitiligo, Atopic dermatitis and sclero-dermatisis. Even the heart is protected. Wounds would heal. Hundred years ago, the only cure for Tubercolosis, was to make the patient sit out in the sun. Even Melanoma can be prevented with sunrays.
Boost for Vitamin DVitamin D3 is produced naturally in your body, when it is exposed directly to the sun. It is most essential for healthy living, for it to be produced naturally, rather than pop in medicines. Vitamin D supplements can be taken if exposure to sunlight is not possible. You should see that your hands, face and other body parts are exposed to sunrays for up to one hour and not less than 15 minutes daily. This will produce adequate amount of Vitamin D3 in your body. Vitamin D is produced by exposure to UVB radiation. As part of an experiment, several people, wearing swimsuits, were exposed to sunlight for 30 minutes. In fair skinned persons, 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D was produced. In black-skinned people, 20,000 to 30,000 IUs of Vitamin D was produced. In pitch dark-skinned people 8,000 to 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D was produced.

representative imageWhat kind of exposure to the sunlight is beneficial?
Exposure to sunlight at any time of the day, between sunrise and sunset, is convenient. But you should see that the sunrays touch the body directly. This means, heavy clothing or sunscreen lotions are a deterrent. It essential that the sunrays touch the body parts directly, for Vitamin D to be produced. They should be from warm to slightly hot. Some recommend at least 40 minutes of exposure while others advice spending one to two hours in sunlight. However, in summer it is better to take advice of the doctors.

Drugs, vegetables
Two types of drugs are available: Vitamin D2 and D3. As D2 tablets are synthetic, D3 tablets are recommended. Experts state that risk factor is reduced six times in those taking D3 tablets and only two times in those taking D2 tablets. Vitamin D2 is found adequately in green leaves, pulses, grains and masalas. Mostly, this is found in maize, ragi, soya granules, rajma, baby corn, cloves, cardamom, black pepper, khus khus, mustard, green peas, whole black gram, french beans, etc. It is found in lesser levels in meat and other products. But it is better to consume more of these, rather than tablets.
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