Viral diseases, ailments during Summer...Caring tips
Normally, during Summer, we think that we face a lot of inconveniences due to rising temperatures. Not just rising temperatures, but various kinds of diseases and ailments also spread during this time, causing harm. Lung problems, skin diseases, cholera, diahorrea, sunstroke, dehydration are some of them. Even heart problems increase during summer months. Let us learn about the diseases and ailments that spread during Summer and the care that should be taken.

representational imageAsthmatics will be affected strongly during summer. The problem intensifies especially in children. Bacteria and fungus thrive in Summer, due to moisture content in the air. Even dust pollution is high during Summer. As such asthma intensifies. The patients should keep a stock of medicines with them at all times. Try to avoid dust and polluted areas.

Skin diseases, cancer possibility
representational imageSkin diseases spread fast during summer. There are two reasons for this. One is the release of sweat that protects the body from heat. Second, skin cells getting damaged due to Ultra Violet rays (UV) of the Sun.Tinea Versicolour
representational imageTinea Versicolour also intensifies in Summer. As the temperature rises, the effect of the fungus on the skin increases. The marks on the skin enlarge. There will be profuse sweating. Also, the marks will itch and burn. There can be relief by consulting an doctor and cleaning the skin thoroughly from time to time.

Due to heat of the Sun during Summer, UV rays affect the skin a lot. The skin becomes red, like burns, if the person roams around in the Sun. These are called sunburns. The skin becomes flaky and turns red. Small warts and marks appear.Hyper Thermia
representational imageThe temperature in our body increases due to extreme heat, leading to several health issues. Altogether, they are called hyper thermia. Usually, children and senior citizens face this problem. There are some systems in the body that regulate body heat. Excess heat in the body is eliminated through breathing out as well as through the skin. But excess heat conditions weakens the body and it is unable to eliminate the heat, leading to hyper thermia. Sunstroke, weakness, nausea, vomittings, diahorrea, reelings, shivering of limbs, losing grip, losing mental balance, increased breathing, increased heart beat rate, headache, etc. will develop. Some people will go in to coma. This is a dangerous situation which might lead to death.Coxsackie virus infection
representational imageThis virus spreads widely in Summer. This infection, which is referred to as Hands, feet and mouth disease occurs frequently in children below 10 years of age. Feverishness, throat infection, ulcers in the mouth, pox on the hands and legs, are some of the symptoms. Children are averse to eating and drinking when they are infected. Actually, it is being treated as some common fever, even though a large number of children are being infected. There are no medicines to cure this infection that is contagious. Certain antibiotics work favourably. Even if not treated, if hygiene is maintained by frequently washing the mouth, legs and hands, the infection will come down within 10 to 11days.

Cold due to heatrepresentational image
Carona Para Influenza and entero viruses are common. They affect the health more than the viruses that spread during winter. Because of this, not only cold but breathing problems, diahorrea, headache and severe cough occur. Even if treated, cold symptoms continue for a long time. Along with cold, burning sensation in the throat and nose as well as phelm will occur. Headache will also continue. There are more chances of the cold virus spreading in summer, because of the use of ACs and swimming pools. That is why it is better to be hygeinic and clean.

Swimmers' Ear Disease
representational imageSwimmers' Ear disease is infection in the ears of swimmers, because of water retention. The medical term for this is Otitis externa. This occurs mostly in long term swimmers and those who take frequent showers. Bacteria and fungus grow in the ears that are always moist. Especially in Summer, overheat and high humidity lead to infection. This could lead to severe consequences when neglected.Kidneys, infections, stones
representational imageChances of urinary tract infections are more. Summer heat is also responsible for formation of kidney stones. This is mostly seen in women. Dehydration occurs due to excess sweating, to maintain the water levels in the body. With this, the kidneys cannot filter waster properly and stones are formed. Infections of the urinary tract occur. That is why it is better to have more water in Summer even if you are not thirsty.

Chances of heart attack
representational imageIf our body temperatures rises above 100 degress C, heart beat rate increases, leading to high blood pressure in arteries. There is a danger of blood vessels bursting. This will lead to heart attack. There will be haemorrhage of the nerves in the brain. This will lead to coma and sometimes even death.

Food Poisoning
representational imageBacteria and fungus grow well in summer. That is why food gets spoilt quickly. If such food is consumed several kinds of diseases occur. Illnesses occur. Food poisoning affects mostly children and the aged. Diahorrea and cholera occur.
Children, senior citizens beware
representational imageChildren and senior citizens bear the brunt of summer, due to overheat and sunstrokes. Especially in polluted areas, where the hot winds blow, the problem of Asthma occurs. In senior citizens, kidneys and lungs problems occur. They also face aches in lower limbs. Blood pressure increases. Also, in children with a weak immune system, cold and other diseases spread fast.
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