Interesting robots... versatile machine men

24-01-2017 Tue 19:57

Robots (machine men) are turning out to be representatives of the aspirations of real men. They are making our life more comfortable. Let us learn about these interesting robots.
Robots do all the drudgery in the house. They play with kids and take care of pets. They accomplish anything that their creator has meant them for. You might have watched Rajinikanth's film, 'Robot.'  Chitti, the robot that Rajinikanth created, rises to such a level where he tries to direct his creator. With this, Rajinikanth himself dismantles the robot to pieces. There are many other films that show the way robots work.

Asus Zen Bo
Zen Bo, the robot created by Asus company, does all the drudgery at home. As there are a number of cameras and sensors in this robot, it roams around the house by itself. It responds to touch screen gestures, which include personifying some human emotions as well. It has speakers and microphones to understand what others speak and respond accordingly. It takes care of elders at home and alerts their caretakers if they are in trouble. It sings and dances to inspire children. It costs $600 (Rs. 40,000). That is the price of an expensive smart phone.

Soft Bank Peppersrepresentative image
This is humanoid robot. It moves on wheels. Camera and sensors are arranged in the head. It has a touch screen on its chest. It speaks. It understands your emotions and behaves accordingly. It knows when you  are moody and entertains you. It costs Yen1,98,000 (Rs. 1.12 cr).  It is confined to Japan at present. Soft Bank is still working on this domestic robot (does all jobs at home) in to one that can help shopkeepers.

It is the world's family robot. It is small and as cheap as $750 (Rs. 51,000). It speaks. It expresses itself through a screen. It plays with kids with the help of cameras and microphones. It keeps an eye on elders and alerts them from time to time. It reminds them about their routine jobs. It is a companion for the lonely.

representative imageAmazon EchoThis is somewhere between a robot and a gadget. It is already available in American markets. Besides being a music player, it operates lights and complicated appliances like washing machines. It gives a 'smart' look to any home. Also, it forecasts weather and can even give news bits, like score of an on-going match. In a moving car, Echo is able to give information on traffic.  Amazon is focussing on improvisation of this gadget.

Dyson 360 I
It is a robot that is close to British people. It costs Yen 1,50,000 (Rs. 85.5 lakhs). The cameras inside it scans the floor with the help of laser points. Then it cleans the floor, without leaving a spot.

It has been created by Mayfield company. It is an intelligent robot. It is half meter high and six kg in weight and works as a helper. It works with the help of laser-based sensors and cameras. Its memory chip becomes easily accessible after scanning every nook and corner of a any home. It sits on the charging slot, and charges itself automatically. It dances along with kids at home. It understands what you say and responds accordingly. Sometimes, it expresses through nodding and gestures.

Exo GT
Exobiotic established at Richmond of California has built a robot called Exo GT. It works as a helper to those who are paralysed or suffering from spinal failure. Motors working on batteries made of titanium and aluminium have been fixed in this. With its help, patients will even be able to walk around.

Deca Robo
It can be said that bionic limbs, built with robotic technology, are an evolution in physio medical techniques. Deca Robo hand can replace that of any disabled person or those who lose it in accidents. America Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency has created this. Disabled or persons who have lost their upper limbs in accidents, can lift objects with the help of Deca Robot hand.

LG Rolling Bat
This one is a wifi-based security robot, that can give peace of mind to the owner. It roams about the whole house, and knows every nook and corner. It can be 'left alone' at home when you are going out, to take care of your house. It is possible to know what's happening around your house through this.

Cook Master Robot
As the name suggests, it cooks mouth-watering dishes. But it is yet to come to the market. It is likely to do so in 2017. Moley Robotics is its maker. Two robot hands have to be installed in the kitchen. The robot has to be taught to make a variety of dishes once. Then onwards, it will cook and serve and any dish of your choice within minutes, instantly. It is estimated to cost Pounds 50,000 (Rs. 41 lakhs).

Honda Asimo
It is a humanoid robot, built by Honda. At a height of four feet and weighing 54 kg, it works with the help of a battery. It needs small commands to efficiently complete all tasks. It is well-versed in English, Japanese and Chinese languages. Honda hopes that it will help travellers, by 2020.

representative imageWorking of robots
Robots are built to imitate human physical actions. They have features like mechanised bodies, sensors, power and computer programming. Not all robots resemble humans. Those that resemble humans are called humanoid robots. They are like programmed computers enabled to do certain tasks all by themselves. By changing the programme in the computer, you can change the way the robot works. The commands are either in-built or manipulated from outside. Robots are built to move either on wheels, or legs or some other mechanism. Just as joints in humans, robots are made of combining many parts together. Electronic motors or solenoids are used in robots for mobility.  Hydraulic or pneumatic systems are used in some. They work on batteries. Cameras and sensors are fixed in robots. Some robots have been made with silicon material that resembles human skin in almost all respects.

Creation of Robot
A Greek mathematician, Architas, appeared to have created the first robot in 350 B.C. It is flying wooden device. It flies upto 300 meters in the air. It is believed that Architas used a steam engine, to run his robot. But it soon ran into disuse, leaving no clue about the way it was built. Later, in 200 B.C., another Greek mathematician Sesibus, created an automated water clock with movable hands. A humanoid robot was first displayed in Model Engineering Society exhibition, at London in 1928.

Modern Robots
William Grey Walters of England is the first creator of the modern day robots. He created the first autonomous robot for the first time in 1948. Later, extensive research is being carried out on robots.

Mobile Robots
Mobile robots are those that work in various locations. The automated guided vehicle is an example. It is self-driven and used mostly in military.

Industrial robotsrepresentative imageThey have self controls and are used for multiple tasks. They can work either in one location steadily or as mobile robots. They might have one or many hands. They are used mostly for multitasking, that is working on several tasks at the same time. Mostly used in industries for lifting objects from one place and keeping them in another.

Robots are used largely in automobile industry.  Welding and painting tasks can be done by robots. Every 10 workers used one robot. They are used for packing, manufacturing of electronic printed circuit board, in warehouses and container ports. They are also used in mining and in laboratories world over for research. They also help in plucking vegetables and fruits in orchards.

Educational Robot
Robots are being used in educational institutions right from 1980 onwards. They help the students in learning mathematics, physics, programming and electronics. You can see photo galleries of robot-making, interspersed with that of college and school students .

Military robots
Several countries are using robots in their armies. They are made to undertake some independent tasks. However, there is a fear that they might be captured by the enemy and used against the nation where they were created. Also, it is feared that it would be self-destruction if the robots are used in sending missiles or bursting bombs.

For domestic tasks
Robots doing routine jobs at home , like mopping the floor or handing things, are a well known fact. A majority of you are drowned in doing many things, from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night. Women too are interested in going out on jobs. In this context, in many countries, robots are used to clean the floor. In India, Mila Gro, Philips, Eureka Forbes, Excellent Readymaid, O Duster and several other varieties of floor cleaners are available.

Sending robots in to space is being done since the 1906s. Telerobots cannot operate by themselves. A person has to operate them. They are used instead of humans, in dangerous situations, so as to protect human beings.

Robots are used in hospitals, during surgeries and helping in pharmacies. Also there are robots as helpers for patients.

representative imageResearch
Research is going on world over, to make robots that are more useful to humans. Scientists are concentrating on making robots that are used in helping and taking care of the aged. While 13 per cent of the population in America are over 65 years, the same is 20 per cent in Japan. That is why these countries are focussing on making robots that would help the aged in their daily tasks.

Address for robots
At least half the robots available in the world at present are in Asia. They are available 32 per cent in Europe, 16 per cent in North America, and one per cent each in Australia  and  Africa.

Robots can reach what level?
A team of scientists believe that it is possible to build a robot brain by 2019. It is estimated that robots will start functioning with their own brains by 2050. Artificial Intelligence is to play a major part in this. Scientists are also discussing if computers and robots win freedom. There are a lot of speculations on the negative impact of such developments.

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