Constipation... that leads to many complications!

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Constipation, a vexing health hazard, leads to a number of other diseases. Constipation is caused due to a number of factors like eating habits, lifestyle and medications. If you fail to treat constipation and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it will become the main cause for a number of other life-threatening diseases.
Constipation is dangerous to health. It causes diseases of the collateral (Large Intestine, Colon). Starting with piles, it will degenerate into collateral cancer and become life-threatening. Large intestine has the capacity to hold a specific amount of stools (waste matter).

In those suffering from constipation, the waste is not eliminated completely and some of it is retained in the large intestine. Due to size of the stools, the large intestine tends to sag. With this, the lining of the rectum is irritated. Consequently, danger lurks in the anus.

Constipation might occur due to the death of natural bacteria in large intestine. Natural bacteria help in many key functions. Most importantly, they protect the large intestine from inflammation. They keep the immunity system in check. They are responsible for keeping the stools wet and soft to be eliminated easily. Constipation affects all these functions. As a result, you are subject to a number of diseases.
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In women, the problem is more profound

Constipation affects the health of the womb and the intestines. The intestines and uterus lie side by side in women. Constipation increases pressure on the uterus. It leads to mental stress and irritation. If constipation lasts for a long time, it will affect the circulatory, endocrine and immunity systems. That is why constipation should never be neglected. It is possible to cure this through medication. A number of medicines are available.

Chronic constipation is related to lifestyle. This cannot be treated with a tablet, like a pain reliever for headache or antacid for heartburn. There is a need for dietary and lifestyle change to cure this. An impediment to daily bowel movement leads to psychological constipation. Increased stress, long distance travel or  night duties lead to constipation. First of all, it is necessary to find out the real reason for constipation.

Natural activity of digestion

A single tube runs from the throat to the opening of the anus. This is the alimentary canal or digestive system. The food that you take travels through this tube. There are digestive juices and bacteria in this system. The process of digestion begins from the mouth, mingles with the digestive juices and bacteria, and absorbs the energy and nutrients, before sending the waste matter to the large intestine. After this, the stools are eliminated through the rectum.

The percentage and kind of bacteria present in the intestine determine the severity of constipation. The bacteria decimate the food that is taken in. Similarly, use of calories, increase or decrease in allergies, obesity and other conditions depend on the bacteria. Research has revealed that the large intestine responds to signals from the brain and the brain in turn triggers pain receptors, with signals from large intestine. It is understood that the healthy condition of the intestines, determines the health of all other organs in the body.

Who will suffer and why
Hypothyroidism (absence of thyroid hormone) also leads to constipation. Use of anti-depressants taken to decrease stress, antacids, medicines for controlling blood pressure, iron supplements, Ibruprophen, aspirin and similar tablets, also lead to constipation. Even if the body does not get enough amount of water, stools might not pass that easily and this could also lead to constipation.

This condition might occur even due to tumours, inflammation, anal fissures, Parkinson's disease, injuries to the vertebral column or brain, stroke, multiple sclerosis, hormonal changes and diabetes.
Pregnant women frequently face this problem. Because of the growth of baby, weight increases and affects the movements of the intestine. Decrease in activity and slowing down of digestion process in aged persons, also leads to constipation. Food that we consume is the main cause for constipation, more than any other factor. Consumption of food that has less fibre causes constipation. Processed foods belong to this category. At least 15 per cent of the population in America suffer from constipation.
representative imageConstipation vs. Healthy living
In case of chronic cancer, first the patient is examined for colon cancer, cancer of large intestine or gastric cancer. If people, who are taking fibrous food, drinking enough water and are active, suffer from constipation, the condition should not be neglected. They should get themselves checked by a doctor to see if they have any other unhealthy condition.  Especially women should not neglect this problem. Due to the retention of stools in the large intestine, the rectum slips into the vagina. As such, urine will not be eliminated completely by the urethra. The remaining urine is sent back to the bladder. Consequently, kidneys are damaged and the chances of infection are increased.
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Patients with chronic constipation might have to change their lifestyles. Firstly, it is essential to consume sufficient quantity of water. Water is necessary to push the stools out of the intestines. That is why enough water should be consumed. If the stools are dark yellow in colour, you should know that there is less intake of water. If they are in light yellow (dry grass) colour, then enough water is being consumed. If the stools are pale and colourless, then the water intake is more than that which is necessary.
Fibre is very essential for the food to digest well and for easy passage of stools. You should ensure that it is present in sufficient quantity in the food that you take. Fibre in stools absorbs sufficient water. It takes care to see that they are soft. Their passage becomes easy after this. The condition will recur, if fibre is taken in sufficient quantity but intake of water is less.

Each of you should consume 20 gm., to 30 gm. of fibre daily, doctors suggest. It is good to take more than this too, between 32 gm. and 35 gm. However, eating large quantities of fibrous food is also not good for health. Cilium, a natural fibre, is very essential for the body. It helps in controlling sugar content in blood. It reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, gall stones and kidney stones. This also helps in reducing weight and keeping the skin healthy.

Consuming enough vegetables will ensure sufficient fibre through them. In case of absence of sufficient quantity of fibre in food, holhax cilium might be taken.

The problem can be treated even with daily exercise. As the physical activity encourages digestion, bowel movement will increase. At no point of time should the bowel movement be stopped forcibly. It should be discharged immediately, for maintaining good health. More importantly, junk food should be avoided. Natural, home-cooked food should be taken.

Western toilets or Indian ones
The belief is that traditional toilet basin is better than the modern one. There is some truth in this matter. However, one cannot say that one of the two types of toilets will suit everyone, for easy elimination of bowels. Whichever kind suits you, it is better to use that one.

Medical help
You must consult doctors if you are suffering from constipation for a long time. The doctor should know if you are using any other medications for some other ailments. Hypo Thyroids might be the main reason for constipation. The hormone helps in movement of the intestines. Lots of people get laxatives from pharmacies to treatment constipation. Instead, they should use these under advice of a doctor. Constant use of laxatives leads to decrease in water levels in the body, along with losing electrolytes. This could cause heart or kidney failure. Magnesium also helps in free elimination of bowels. But this should not be taken more than 310 gm. per day. Chronic constipation leads to damage to the rectum, which might need surgery.
representative imageFruits and how to take them
You might have heard that eating bananas is good for digestion as well as gastric problems. But if unripe ones are eaten, they will lead to constipation. The starch in bananas is digested very slowly. In unripe bananas there is a large quantity of starch, which takes even longer time to digest.
If apple is taken with the skin, it will not be digested easily. It will show its effect on constipation. Apple should be eaten without the skin. Moreover, only one apple is sufficient and not two or three at a time. Apple has very less fibre. But it is useful in easy bowel discharge. Not just apple, but any fruit should be taken without the skin, several experts suggest. Fruits that prevent constipation are: Papaya, orange, strawberries, raspberries, avocado and guava.

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