Shoot amazing videos with mobile phone

22-01-2018 Mon 12:16

These days, powerful cameras are coming with smartphones. It has become a habit to shoot pictures of events, children’s activities or rare images outside. But many of us are ignorant about shooting good quality videos that are attractive. There are some things to be learnt to shoot such videos:

representational imageFPS
Even though smart phones are not totally camera gadgets, there are many options in premium phones. They come with a variety of resolutions and frame rates. The standard resolution, frame rate combination is 1080 @ 30 frames. The number of Frames Per Second (FPS) is high. 1080@24 frames, 1080@60 frames are the number of pictures the camera can shoot per second. Videos taken with 60FPS or higher (120FPS or 240FPS) are in slow motion. 120FPS is five times less than normal rate. Similarly, 240FPS is 10 times less than normal rate. The speed can be increased or decreased in camera settings.

4K video
representational imageThere is an option to take 4K video through a premium smartphone. In settings, you can check if this option is available. Pictures can be taken at 3840x2160 resolution. A majority of users don’t select 4K option, because the screens that can show videos of this high resolution are few. But if they are shooting 4K videos, they are future-based. Perhaps all kinds of screens will become advanced enough in the near future, to show these videos. The details in a 4K video are many. However, they occupy more storage space than ordinary videos.

Meaning of 4K
representational imageIt indicates the video resolution. This is a high resolution, which means it has more pixels. The more the number of pixels, the clearer the picture. HD video resolution has 1080 pixels. 4K is four times this number. At present, this is the highest resolution available on premium phones.

Image stabilization
representational imageOptical image stabilisation feature is available in many latest phones. The camera optical, is able to detect the phone movement with the help of Gyroscope and accelerometer. The phone is able to stabilise the image, by controlling the movements of the hand holding the phone, or shooting the video while walking, as these affect the overall image.

There is another option called Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS). This functions in the same way as Optical Image Stabilisation, by recognising the shaky movements of the phone and stabilising the image. But in Digital Image Stabilisation, if the video has to be kept steady, some of the image quality is lost. You can check this practically by shooting an image with the DIS on and again with DIS switched off. While shooting a video, hold the phone with both hands, close to your body so as to avoid shaking as much as possible. You can also use tripod, clamp or stabiliser rings to keep the phone steady while shooting a video.

Normally users do not check whether the lens is clean. It has to be cleaned before taking the video. It is important for video clarity.

representational imageMany smartphones have digital zoom. This is not at all useful. The quality of the video is lost due to this. Experts suggest that better than this is to shoot the video at close quarters. Digital zoom is meant for increasing the size of the image. The resolution is disturbed because of this. The use of camera lens optical zoom reduces the distance between the phone camera and the subject. But somehow clarity is lost.

representational imageIt is noticed that the skin of the persons in the video is yellow, there are red lines around the eyes of the subjects and the background is black. These are because of the flash. The LED light for flash, fixed in some cameras, is very bright. They change the colour temperature. Instead of flash, use some other lighting.

Right lighting shows a lot of effect on the camera. The image sensors and lens in smart phones are very small. Adequate lighting is like oxygen to smart phone videos or photos. Ensure that there is adequate lighting while shooting videos. This can eliminate shades in video footage. Also, don’t direct the camera at sources of light.

Close, horizontal
representational imageThe quality of the video is enhanced when the subject is shot from close quarters. Digital noise is less. It is possible to focus the phone well. Audio capturing too is better. The phone should be held horizontally while shooting a video. It is not convenient to do this while holding the phone vertically. The subject is not wide. If the video has to be viewed on other screens, it should be shot in a horizontal mode. Observe that all videos on YouTube are horizontal. If you want your videos to be similar, it is right to shoot them with the phone held horizontally.

Slow motion mode
representational imageAlong with 4K, there is an option for taking slow motion pictures. It is ideal for some kind of videos. For these, it is essential that light is adequate. If the video is in slow motion, it means FPS is high. Higher FPS means the image resolution is reduced.

Ensure that the audio recording is clear, as part of the video. If the in-built microphone is unable to grasp the voice clearly, take the phone closer to the subject. Or you can use a Video External Microphone.

No video compression
If you want to share the video as a text, a majority of smart phones, compress them. This reduces the quality. In camera settings, increase the quality settings of the video. This will disallow file compression. But the video file will occupy more space. You can edit the video if you like, later.

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