Are your eyes healthy? Identify eye problems this way

22-01-2018 Mon 11:58

Eyes are the most sensitive and important organs in the body. If all organs are functioning well but eyesight is affected, it is a big hurdle. Eyesight is everything. Some problem with eyesight comes at some point in your life. While some are small problems, others affect eyesight. If we are aware of them, we can protect our eyes.

Eye strain
representational imageIt is computer age. This is causing strain on the eyes. Driving long distances or for long time also causes eye strain. Because, concentrating on the road for long hours makes the eyes tired. They need to rest. But how many people are giving rest to the eyes. Very few people do that. A majority keep on working despite their eyes getting tired. But it is important to rest the eyes when they are tired. Consult a doctor when you face this problem.

Reddish eyes
The eye ball is filled with tiny blood vessels. Their purview spreads when the eyes are irritated or infected. This makes the eyes look red. Another reason for the reddishness is the tiredness of eyes as mentioned above. Lack of adequate sleep, allergies or wounds also causes this. Eyes turn red when you are infected with Conjunctivitis. This problem is seen even in those who have exposed themselves to sunlight for many years, like farmers. That is why it is better to take doctor’s advice first regarding the causes for reddishness.

Night blindness
representational imageSome people face eyesight problems during nights, when the light is less. They cannot see anything, unless they come close to any object. Not being able to find the way in a theatre too belongs to this category. This could be night blindness. It could be myopia (long sight). It could also be cataract, keratoconus or deficiency of Vitamin A. Only doctors would be able to detect the problem and set right the condition. Some have this problem since childhood. Also there is no cure for macular regenerative problem related to the retina. Such persons should be careful while moving about in the night.

The eyes of squint-eyed people do not appear to be looking in the same direction. When they look at an object, it appears as if one of the eyes is looking sideways. This condition will not go away by itself. Squint-eyed people have no control over their eye movements. An ophthalmologist can correct this condition. There are many cures for this. Eyes are strengthened through vision therapy. Sometimes surgery can help.

Colour blindness
representational imageSome persons cannot identify colours. They cannot differentiate between colours. Normally, some cannot identify the difference between red and leaf green. This is because the colour cells in the eyes fail to function. In case of severity of the problem, for these people all colours appear grey. This could be congenital or it could be caused due to some diseases or using some kind of medicines. It occurs mostly in men than in women. If it is congenital, it cannot be cured. If has set in, later on in life, some kind of glasses are suggested.

representational imageThe iris or the coloured part of the eyeball swells in this condition. This central part of the eye is a bundle of blood vessels. This disease affects the eye cells. There is a chance of the person losing his or her eyesight. It might strike at any age. It might reduce immediately or might continue for long. Rheumatoid arthritis, AIDS or ulcerative colitis can cause Uveitis. This leads to eyesight getting blurred or causing pain and reddishness. Do not neglect this condition and consult the doctor immediately. It depends on the type of Uveitis as to how long it takes to be cured.

This condition implies that far off objects are seen more clearly than those that are close by. This condition occurs usually around the age of 40 years. Usually sufferers keep the book at a distance while reading. This is a sign of presbyopia. The problem can be corrected with reading glasses. Also, it can be corrected with contact lens or laser surgery.

Small size stars and patches keep moving around the eyes. These can be seen in good light conditions. These are natural. But sometimes these are considered symptoms of a more severe condition. In retinal detachment, the retinal layer moves or pulls away from the eye. When this happens light flashes occur. Some shadows also appear to be moving. If stars are observed often and their number keeps increasing, it is better to consult a doctor.

The eyes become dry. This occurs when adequate moisture is not produced in the eyes. This condition that occurs rarely can cause blindness. It can be cured by using special eye drops. Nutritional supplements can also be suggested.

Watering of the eyes
representational imageWhile dryness of the eyes is a problem, the other extreme of excess water in the eyes is also not good. Watery eyes are those that are sensitive to light, breeze or temperature changes. The condition can be prevented by protecting the eyes from outside weather conditions.

Eyes will be as clear as a camera if the lens is good. The light from the objects should fall directly on the retina. In cataract, the light does not reach the retina that easily. This causes blurred eyesight. Cataract patients cannot see the glare from bright light. The problem does not occur suddenly. It develops gradually. Other symptoms like pain, reddishness or watering of the eyes are absent. It can be cured completely with surgery.

representational imageIt affects the eyesight. Normally there is some strain on the eyes. It is something like high blood pressure. If the condition worsens the optic nerve is affected. Glaucoma is caused due to several diseases that affect eyesight. The symptoms are not seen in the early stage. That is why a doctor must be consulted regularly, at least once in six months. Glaucoma might occur if there is a wound, blockage of the blood vessels of the eye, or inflammation of the eyes. Doctors suggest eye drops to control stress on the eyes. If it is not controlled, surgery is suggested.

Retina problems
Retina is the thin layer behind the eye. It is made up of cells. It registers the images in front of the eyes and sends the message to the brain. Any retinal problem harms this procedure. Retina weakens in a condition called macular degeneration, which occurs with age. Diabetic Retinopathy harms the blood vessels. Retinal detachment is another condition. Eyesight can be saved if the disease is detected and treated early. If it is too late, there is loss of eyesight.

representational imageIn this the cell structure is inflamed. There is reddishness, itching, burning sensation and watering of the eyes. It might occur among people of any age group. It is an allergic reaction to infections or chemicals that irritate the eye. It can be prevented by cleaning the hands regularly.

Cornea problems
Cornea is the thin, transparent layer the covers the front of the eyeball. When exposed to infections, diseases, hurts or harmful substances, the cornea is affected. The eyes turn reddish and start watering. There is pain and reduced sight.

Eyelid problems
Eyelids protect the eyes. They allows water to spread in the entire eye and restrict light from entering the eyes. Pain, itching, watering and disability to see glare, are some eyelid problems. Doctors can be consulted, who will suggest medicines and cleaning of the inner eyelids.

Old-age problems
Eyesight fades as we grow old. This is natural. If you wear glasses, this problem will cease. Any surgery like Lasik is also useful. Eyesight is corrected with this surgery. Sight problems are the effect of macular degeneration, glaucoma or cataract. Don’t neglect, thinking that it is quiet natural for eyesight to reduce with age. You might have to lose whatever little sight you have.

Eye allergies
representational imageAllergy is not just sneezing, cold or a running nose. Allergies affect the eyes also. The eyes will become red, start itching, burn, start watering or eyelids inflame due to allergy. Allergies concerning the eyes are called ocular allergies or allergic conjunctivitis. There are chances of eyesight being harmed due to this. If the eyes are infected, these symptoms are noticed. That is why it is important to consult a physician, who will identify the problem and suggest treatment.

Allergies are caused due to our bodies responding to various environments and objects, in a sensitive manner. At such moments, the immune system sends histamine and other material to the eyes. The eyes start itching, become red, and start watering because of these. Allergies affecting the eyes are of two kinds. One of them is seasonal, like breeze, grass or pollen. Perennial allergies attack at any time of the year, like dust, insects, birds wings, animal fur, perfume, smoke, chlorine, cosmetics, some medicines, or air pollutants. These might cause eye allergies constantly, throughout the year. In such cases, it is better to avoid these allergens and use eye drops with doctor’s advice.  

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