Gout, arthritis...these are the causes

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Gout, arthritis...these are the causes
Gout and arthritis are occurring now-a-days, even in middle age. They have also become a lifestyle disease. Realistically speaking, Gout, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, are all conditions that restrict movement of the joints. Let us learn what medical experts have to say about them.

representational imageInflammation of joints (Gout)
It is a metabolic problem. In this, there is a swelling in the joints. They feel tight. The inflammation is more in muscle and there is severe pain. Some chemicals called purines, enter the body, through certain foods. They are prepared in the body also. Purines are present in fish and alcohol. The body produces uric acid, to deactivate purines. The excess uric acid has to be eliminated by the kidneys. If the kidney do not eliminate uric acid or if excess uric acid is being produced in the body, it collects around the joints as crystals, causing gout.

Uric acid has to be eliminated, to cure gout. First, certain changes have to be made by way of food and lifestyle. It is always better to take fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, alcohol and foods that are rich in saturated fats and fructose, have to be reduced. Water should be taken in adequate quantities. Excess uric acid and toxins are eliminated through water. Reducing stress and doing mild physical exercise also helps in preventing the problem.

Lime juice in lukewarm water also yields good results. Half a lime juice is enough. Lime juice increases the alkalinity of the body. With this uric acid crystals are not formed. Turmeric has these anti-inflammatory qualities. Bormaline in pineapples too have the same quality and are beneficial.

representational imageRhumatoid Arthritis (RA)
This is an auto-immune disease. The disease fighting system in the body, fights bacteria and virus and protects us. If this attacks the cells in the joints by accident, this condition becomes rhumatoid arthritis. In this condition, all joints in the body are inflamed and develop burning sensation. The muscles near the joints become red and tight. Severe pain is experienced. If this is neglected, movement itself becomes restricted. It also harms the cartilage that helps in lubricating the joints. The gap between the joints is narrowed. It harms all organs, including the heart. That is why, those who suffer from RA, are prone to heart attacks. It is difficult to bring these joints back to normal. Women, between the age group of 30 to 60 years face this problem. It is noticed in old men.

Why the immune system in the body attacks body cells, has not yet been deciphered. However, doctors observed that it because of genes, hormones or environment problems. Persons with HLA type of genetic marker are five times more prone to RA.

Doctors learn about the symptoms and examine the joints, before detecting the disease. The levels of ESR, C Reactive protein (CRP) in the blood rise up. These are detected via blood tests.

Treatment has to be immediate
Rhumatoid Arthritis should never be neglected. The inflammation and burning sensation should be reduced. Doctors recommend corticoid steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and sedatives. Also some kind of exercises, heat pad on joints and Omega Fatty 3 acids, give relief from the problem.

Both same kind
Gout and RA are of same type. In both there is inflammation, burning sensation, tightening of muscles and pain. Gout affects small joints, mainly toes and ankles. In rheumatoid arthritis wrists, shoulders, knees, and ankles are all affected. It is mostly found in hand joints.

RA symptoms
Pain in the muscles, tightening, inflammation and burning sensation will continue for some six weeks. The joints do not function for some 30 minutes on waking. More than one joint is affected. There is severe pain. Sometimes the pain keeps increasing and decreasing. Doctors can detect easily.

Gout symptoms
Severe pain is experienced in the toes. The discomfort exists even after pain is reduced. Burning sensation, inflammation and reddishness is seen. The original movement in the joint is not restored.

representational imageOsteo Arthirtis
The degeneration of cells in the joints is osteo arthritis. It is also called degenerative arthritis. It might occur in any joint. But it usually occurs in knees. After the knees, joints, in the neck, lower limbs, hands and toes are affected. Usually, joints have cells called cartilage. This is arranged at the end, to ensure, folding of joints (where two bones come together) and free movement. In osteo arthritis, this cartilage generates. That is why joints do not move freely. Inflammation and pain occurs. When the cartilage is completely eroded and two bones rub against each other, burning sensation occurs due to the friction. This is the final stage. If this condition continues bones are destroyed.

Who is at risk?
It might occur in any age. However, it is seen only in those who have crossed 60 years of age and 50 years in the case of women. Using the knees mostly, wounds in the joints, weakening of thigh muscles are all reasons for osteo arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis also causes osteo arthritis. Overweight people also tend to suffer from this. Because the weight mostly is borne by the knees and ankles. Because joints bear weight for long durations, the cartilage is damaged.

representational imageSymptoms
The symptoms depend on which part of the body the problem occurs. Normally, along with pain, there is a feeling of tightness. Usually, there is no immediate movement of the joints, as soon as you wake up or get up from a relaxing pose. The joints become tight. In people with this problem, it is not possible to move the joint in all directions. There is a sound when the joint is folded. The pain increases after doing some work. With the degeneration of certain joints, there is pain in the back side and thigh region.

Fractures problem
Some 30 per cent of people suffering from osteo arthritis, suffer falls. Also, they have 20 per cent chances of suffering fractures. Joint movements are not smooth if one suffers from osteo arthritis. The muscles weaken. With this, they lose balance and fall down.

How is it recognised?
Doctors will be able to identify the problem through x-rays and MRIs, based on the duration of the pain and the extent to which you can move the joint.

representational imageTreatment
Common walking is useful. Exercises pressurise the joints, so that muscles are strengthened. Weight also has to be reduced. Doctors suggest analgesic and other medication. Physio therapy is also needed.

For repairing damaged joints when the cartilage is completely eroded, artificial limbs are used. Joints are brought back to their original state with surgery, that is recommended by the doctors, depending on the condition. If there is no relief with medicine, there is no other method than surgery.

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