Getting driving licence is a simple thing

24-04-2016 Sun 10:16

Driving any motor vehicle without having driving licence is a crime. Several persons are being imprisoned for a day these days for committing the offence. Penalties in large amounts can be imposed on those persons for the offence. The government authorities are acting tough on these persons, as several road accidents are occurring with the persons who are driving vehicles without having enough skills are involved. So, all are advised to get the licence at the earliest to prevent action from the officials. In fact, getting the licence is a simple thing.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, no person can drive their vehicles in public places without having a driving licence. It specifies that the persons, who are above 16 years, can drive two- wheelers having an engine capacity of upto 50 cc. The persons of the age of 18 years and above can drive the two-wheelers having the engine capacity of more than 50 cc. Only the persons of the age of 20 years and above are eligible to drive transport vehicles.

One must get learner's licence before getting the permanent licence. To get this, one has to clear a test on computer at the Transport Office. Candidates have to apply for the test by submitting Form 2 and paying the prescribed fee. The candidates have to submit the documents for proof of residence, proof of date of birth, medical certificate, three passport size photos and Form 1 in support of being physically fit. Form 1A medical certificate is compulsory for the persons who are above the age of 50 years. The medical certificate is compulsory for all the persons who want the transport vehicle's licence.

Proof of Address : Any of the documents of Voter ID card, ration card, electricity bill, telephone bill, passport, LIC policy and house tax receipt is enough for the same. If the candidates do not have any of these documents, they can produce attested affidavit from the Executive Magistrate or First Class Judicial Magistrate or notary.

Proof of Date of Birth : Tenth class certificate, passport, birth certificate and date of birth certificate issued by any medical officer not below the rank of civil surgeon.

Learner's licence is valid only for a period of six months. Those candidates, who have this licence, have to get permanent licence within six months. However, the learner's licence can be extended by another six months only after the expiry of the period of first six months. Application for permanent licence has to be submitted only after one month of getting learner's licence. Learner's licence is issued to those persons who have passed at least 8th class and had one- year driving experience.

How to apply ?

For getting learner's licence, the candidates have to apply online and book their slot for the test. Such candidates have to go to the transport office with all the necessary documents.

The candidates from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have to open the website

enter all the details and make the payment so that they will be given a slot for computer test at the Transport Office.

However, the candidates can also directly go to the Transport Office and apply for the learner's licence. The candidates can do so only for a few days in a week when huge crowds could be there.  So, online booking is recommended. Mee Seva and E Seva centres are also giving the candidates the kind of facility. The learner's licence will be issued to a candidate on the same day on which the candidate cleared the computer test.

About Computer Test for Learner's Licence

Traffic symbols and driving rules are the subjects of the test and the number of questions will be 20. All these questions are multiple-choice type. The candidates have to get at least 12 marks to clear the test. Ten minutes of time is given to the candidates in the test. The question paper is set in Telugu, English and Hindi. The unsuccessful candidates in the test can apply again for the test after one week. However, the candidates will have the chance of reapplying for the test only for three times. If any candidate failed in all the three attempts, they are not eligible to apply again till another 60 days.

Sample questions of the test

(1). During the vehicle driving, select the correct sequence of actions

A.Thinking, Working and Observing

B.Working, Thinking and Observing

C. Observing, Thinking and Working

D.Observing, Working and Thinking

The correct answer is C

The candidates can open the following links to prepare well for the computer test.

Candidates can also attend for mock test by opening the link All kinds of information on driving licences and other services is available at the help desks located at regional transport offices. All the phone numbers of the transport offices in Telangana are available at

Similarly, the phone numbers of Andhra Pradesh transport offices are available at

The procedures of applying for various licences and all other related rules are same for both the States at the moment.

Official websites of transport departments of both the states are as follows:

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