Must have health apps in smart phones

17-04-2017 Mon 14:45

Most jobs now-a-days, whether IT, hospitals or pharma companies, are sedentary. Always one has to sit in front of the computer. This long hours of sitting in front of computers leads to health hazards, according to a number of studies. Since you cannot change your job, it is better to take care of your health. There are many apps for this. Moreover, it has become a habit with many to spend hours together on the smart phone. This is a threat to eyesight. Physical activity declines and comfortable living conditions leads to health problems. In this context, let us learn about the apps that would help in healthy living.

Stretching exercises
representational imageThere are some exercises which can be done easily while sitting at the desk. Each one can be done in a minute. An app that has 45 exercises, sparing just a minute for each, is called, '1 minute desk workout.' This is an iOS app, meant only for i phone users. You can be active and alert at your desk, with this app. This app reminds you every hour about the 1-minute exercise you need to do. There is another app called, 'iMobile INC' app for android users. The app provides over 40 stretching exercises.

It is dangerous to sit for hours together at the desk, without moving out. It is necessary to take a break in between. This will help overcome stress and back ache problems. It is good to set an alarm for every hour on your smart phone, for alerts. There are apps for this. REmind, alarm clock, break remind etc., can be examined by android users. iOS users can study 'Free Alarm the App.' There are many more such apps that issue alerts.

It is a well-known fact that there is nothing more useful than Yoga. There is no need for more space for all yogasanas. There are those which can be done in sitting posture. iOS users can learn about these from apps like Office Yoga and At Your Desk. A 3D yoga instructor will explain how to do these asanas. 'Free Daily Yoga app can be studied by android users. There are many more such apps.

Protection for eyes of the jobs now-a-days are desk jobs. The light from the computer screen definitely affects the eyes. Blue light is the most dangerous. It leads to stress on the eyes, insomnia and headaches. Blue light filter glass screens are readily available.

Also, a free programme, f.lux, is useful for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. You can download this programme. If you give your location, the app changes the colour temperature of your computer screen, during day and night times, in your time zone. There will be no stress due to this. Lowering the brightness levels of the screen is another solution.Same problem is faced with tablets and smart phones. Blue light filter apps are available. For android users, Blue light filter for eye care app, Twilight, Wellis auto brightness, UGS etc., apps are available. They adjust the colors of the smart phone screen, thereby filtering blue light. This offers protection to the eyes.

For iOS users, Unblue app, Eye care -- Save your vision app are available. In Apple iphones, there is a light filter mode, which can be switched on for eye protection.There are those who go to the gym regularly. Some exercise or do yoga at home. Others do jogging or walking. All these are meant for the better health of the body and mind. Do you know there are exercises for the eyes? Spend some five minutes for the eyes. These can be learnt from 'Eye care sizes -- Eye care plus,' apps, meant for android users.

Right sitting posture least eight hours are spent in workplace. After coming back home, most of the time you spend sitting. Wrong posture while sitting, leads to back, backbone and cervical aches. Posture Reminder and Posture Correct, android apps are available for users, to avoid wrong posture.

My Fitness Pal app is meant for those who want to reduce weight. The app will give suggestions about how to reduce weight and remain fit. It gives tips and advices regarding right food. It also has calorie counting feature. This helps in controlling your calorie intake by adjusting your food habits.

Run keeper is an android health app that uses GPS. It calculates the benefits that have been created by daily exercises and activities for fitness and displays the data.

This is an android special health app. It's specialty is to consume low-calorie food and remain healthy. It also motivates us to work out regularly. Based on the weight loss exercises that you do, it gives you plus or minus marks.

It informs you of the calories that comes with various kinds of foods. Also, it informs about the nutrients. It guides you to take healthy food and remain fit.

Weight Watcher Mobile
Most of you want to lose weight. But unknowingly, you tend to eat more, while at the desk in office or while watching a film in the theater. Such ones can download the weight watcher app.

This app helps you to know how many calories you are losing while exercising. There is a Fitbit band which can be worn on the wrist.

Healthy Food chart
This app lets you know comprehensively, about the nutrients and calories in every bit of food that is consumed at home or outside. Also, it displays how many calories or what nutrients are present in which food item. The information is useful for taking the right amount of nutrients.

Life sum
Analysing food, counting calories, suggesting the right kind of alternative, reminding to take water, tips for right exercise, all these and more suggestions are available in the app.

Breathe to relax
It has exercises that help in countering stress. It lets you know about when you are stressed and suggests the right kind of exercises. The android app is useful to get you out of sorrow or bad mood.

Instant heart rate shows the heart rate at any activity. It helps in keeping an eye on heart rate and taking care accordingly.

Desi Nuske app suggests many remedies for common cold, cough etc., which can be easily prepared at home.Home remedies, natural curesIt is an android app that suggests ways and means to cure naturally. Also, it is an interactive app, which will resolve any particular health issues.

Credit Health
Information regarding remedies for a number of health issues is available on this app. Also, it informs on treatments, doctors and hospitals. Care after treatment is also available. You can, not only take doctor's appointment on this app, but also learn about the fees and rates, through quotations. The blog on this app carries a number of health-related articles.

Apps for reminding about medicines forget to take medicines on time. Health Saverz app is best suited for such ones. It is available for android as well as iOS users. Those without smart phone can get SMS.

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