Secrets of wealthy people...success formulas

25-03-2017 Sat 13:58

Success does not come to everyone who works hard. It courts but a few people. There are certain values to be adapted and methods to be followed for successful people to become wealthy. Success lies in putting them into practice. The habits, practices, and what led some people to become rich, could become our success manthras.

representative imageGoal in focus
Many of us have more than one goal. For example, Vamsi aims to be a film hero. If it is not possible, he will become a businessman. If even this is not possible, he wants to be a real estate broker. All wealthy people had just one goal and succeeded in achieving it. The goal should be ideal. The key principle for success is focussing on the goal. At least 81 per cent of the wealthy people make a list of daily chores. Not because they would forget, but just to keep reminding themselves often of what to do and become more determined. They will adhere to focussing on the goal, determination and patience. They do not allow negative thoughts like 'What to do...bad luck,' to come close by. They always step forward with positive thoughts, which is one of their success manthras. Actually, the main difference between the wealthy and the ordinary people is that, the former have a clear goal in mind and they know the path to follow. Whereas, ordinary folks will not have clarity on their goals. They want to do many things, but they do not practice anything.

Book loversrepresentative image
If you want to succeed in life, you should stop spending time in front of the TV. At least 86 per cent of the wealthy people have changed their hobby to reading a lot of books. They know that to better themselves in life, they need to be knowledgeable. With this, they gain more opportunities. Some 88 per cent of the wealthy, spend more than half-an-hour, practising or reviewing the work they do. Some 55 per cent of them read books on personality development. At least 58 per cent read biographies of successful people, 94 per cent current affairs and 51 per cent history. Only 11 per cent spend on entertainment. At least 63 per cent office goers listen to ebooks, while travelling. Only 33 per cent of the wealthy persons watch TV for an hour daily. Six per cent of them watch reality shows. By reading they will improve their knowledge regarding their business or work. About 63 per cent of the wealthy spend less than an hour on the web, daily. Only if it necessary for their jobs, they spend more time on the web.

Good habits lead to opportunities: This is what 84 per cent of the wealthy believe in. Bad habits destroy whatever little luck they have, 76 per cent of them believe. They take particular care about their health. At least 76 per cent of wealthy people take very less junk food. Their calorie intake is not more than 300 per day.

representative imageAway from gambling
Most wealthy persons stay away from gambling. Some 23 per cent of them are gamblers. Their belief in hard work makes them immune to gambling. With their positive thoughts, they avail opportunities and make themselves lucky. They lay their own path to luck through self striving.

Waking up early
Many of the wealthy people, wake up early in the morning. Getting up early and going to bed early helps in maintaining physical and mental health. Some 44 per cent of wealthy persons wake up at least three hours earlier than when their work begins.

They guide children
Some 74 per cent of the wealthy people, share their success manthras with children. They make their children work as volunteers at least 10 hours a month. At least 80 per cent of the wealthy wish others on their birthdays. Some 63 per cent make their children read at least two non-fiction works in a month.

Saving secrets

Network servicerepresentative image
Successful people use their leisure for personality development and progress, widespread relationships, voluntary services or temporary jobs or business. Keeping good relations with others is also key to success. Many users and customers grow because of this. Efficiency grows because of human relations. Because of widespread relations, they get innovative ideas, they believe. At least three fourths of the wealthy take part in voluntary services. They allocate at least five hours a month for this. They want to give back to the society in a small way. Even this is growing human relations in a way. Truly speaking, annually, at least 70 per cent of the successful people reach their goal and reach higher.

representative imageTalk less, listen more
This is one of the mantras of successful people. The 5:1 ratio formula is best suited for this. Meaning, if you speak for one minute, listen to the others for five minutes. You will learn a lot from what others have to say. The wealthy will not let go this opportunity.

Friendly with positive people
Choose which class of people you are close with. Most wealthy people have relations with the same class, i.e, wealthy and successful. They will see that they have positive minded people around them. The wealthy do not wilt when they face failure. They use this as an experience or another stepping stone to success.

They will have mentors
About 93 per cent of successful people have mentors. They help in progress by guiding you in dos and don'ts. In case you have a clear goal, chose someone who has accomplished a similar goal, ahead of you. Finding a good mentor will lead you to success and wealth, easily.

Meditationrepresentative image
Not all wealthy people are into meditation, but a large chunk of them do meditate. Meditation improves mental health. It reduces stress and gives strength. Goal reaching will become very easy. With this, you will be rid of stress and become healthy. Good sleep is possible. At least 76 per cent of such people do aerobics for some four days a week.

Say 'No' if you cannot
"The difference between successful people and really successful people is that, the really successful ones say no to many things," says Warren Buffet. If you say yes to everything, it might lead you to a situation where you cannot do want you really want to do. That is why really successful people know when to say 'No' and when 'Yes.'

representative imageKnow the value of time
Successful and wealthy people are never idle. They do not waste time in the name of passing time. They know the value of time. One third of their lives is allocated to work.

They know how to use money
The success mantra of the wealthy is to know how to use money. They know how much to spend, how much to save and where to invest. This formula works towards making the salaried man, wealthy.

Not emotional
Even the wealthy are humans and have emotions. But they keep their emotions under control. They are not caught in the web of emotions. Some 94 per cent of the wealthy control their emotions.

Work with love
The wealthy work with great love for it. They love hard work. They are not hypocritical. This attitude they maintain, whether they are employees or they have their own business.

Adverse to dragging, delaying
The wealthy do not drag issues or do not delay working on their word. They know that these qualities will harm their relationships with customers and will lose their employer's trust.

How wealthy and ordinary people think differently

Secrets of creating wealth
Ordinary people take loans out of necessity. But wealthy ones take loans for creating more wealth. They see loans as a means to become more wealthy. They know very well how to use loans for financial gains. They invest in long term goals. They invest and wait for years for reaping results. They invest in stocks, bonds and real estate. They invest with long term goals in mind. They save on Income Tax through these investments. The investments made by wealthy people not only grow but also give them a regular income.

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