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What items can be sent by registered post?

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One can send several items by registered post. Everything from the stage of booking to final delivery can be tracked through this service. Special care is taken by the Postal Department in the matter of transport. However, all items can't be sent through this service.  

Letters, cards, post cards, packets, literature packets, parcels and newspapers can be sent through this service. However, registered post is compulsory for all those parcels weighing more than 4 kgs, insured articles and those parcels which need the confirmation of the customers. Similarly, cheques and bank notices are sent through registered post only.

However, all types of items can't be sent through registered post. If it is a letter, its weight must be below 2 kgs. If it is a parcel, its weight must not be above 10 kgs. The packing of the parcel must be strong. Insured letters and parcels below Rs.600 are accepted in branch post offices and the limit is Rs.1 lakh in bigger post offices.

How many days for delivery?

For local delivery, it takes two days. The parcel reaches the other person within three days between the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad. This means the person at the other end gets the item on the third day. In case of the neighboring states, the item will be delivered within four days. The items will be delivered within six days to other states.

Prohibited Items

Indecent printouts, photos, lithograph, book, card and indecent stories are not accepted in this service. Similarly, explosives can't be sent through this service. It is a crime to send any living creature in a packed condition and without informing the same to the postal staff. Gold ornaments, which are valued above Rs.20,000, can't be sent through this post.

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