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Value Payable Post (VPP) is one service through which the Postal Department will deliver a parcel meant for you and collect the money. Many persons have come to know about cash on delivery with the arrival of e-commerce websites. But the fact is that the Postal Department had already introduced the service in the form of VPP.   

Not only business organisations, even ordinary customers can use the VPP service. Registered parcels, letters, books and newspapers can be sent through this service. The sender has to inform the value of the parcel at the time of booking itself. Further, the sender has to put his signature stating that he is not sending any non-permitted documents or goods. Similarly, coupons and tickets are not allowed in this service. However, one should not send the parcels whose value is more than Rs.5,000. The person at the other end has to take the parcel got through VPP within one week. Otherwise, the parcel will be returned to the person who booked it. The addressee may ask the Postal Department for an additional time of another week to take the parcel.  

One example

For example, one Sriram has a Rs.5 coin which is dated back to 50 years. His friend Raghuram asked him to give it to him and both of them entered into an agreement on the price too. With this, Sriram sent the coin through VPP for a value of Rs.100. Raghuram took the parcel by paying an amount of Rs.100 and other service charges. The Postal Department sent back the money to Sriram within three days. This way the Postal Department runs the VPP service.


One can ask for insurance for the VPP letters and parcels. If the value of VPP is more than Rs.100, one can opt for insurance for the parcel. The insurance will be paid if the article is missed or damaged.

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