Many services offered at Post Office

There are too many services that are available at the post office, which are not known to many of us. In this article, we seek to give you all services of the Indian Post and Telegraph.  


These are the days where one can scan any document or page and send it through e-mail. The person at the other end can get its print out too within minutes. If we send anything by registered post or speed post, it will take some days for its delivery to the other person. Now, one need not wait that long, as one service with the name e-post is available for us. Through this service, one can send any A4 size paper by paying Rs.10 only. One can go to any post office and give them the paper. The postal staff scan it and mail it to the post office which is nearer to the receiver. They get its print out and deliver it to the person at the given address.         

Media Post

Media post allows any corporate company to print their logos on post cards, inland letters, aerograms and postal stationery so that they can get better advertising exposure. Every year, about 300 crores of unregistered mails are being carried out by the postal department. So, the companies can benefit much at lesser cost this way.

Greeting Post

It is a convention to greet our near and dear ones on the occasion of New Year, birthday, Deepavali and so on. Conveying your wishes through a greeting card is a better thing than doing the same by a phone call. Anyone can remember the wishes for a long time if it is on a greeting card. The Postal Department provides us with the greeting cards for different occasions. One has to pay Rs.14 for small size cards and Rs.17 for big size cards. However, a postal charge of Rs.5 has to be paid for both types of cards.

Logistics Post

This service is meant for the transport of goods. Through this service, one can send ordinary parcels and truck loads too. The charge depends on weight, size and the distance.

Bill Mail Service

This service is meant for those organisations which send bills or financial statements once a month or every 90 days and so on. Through this service, the organisations can send a minimum of 5,000 articles or bills. One can pay a postal charge of Rs.3 for every parcel weighing upto 50 grams. The charge will be Rs.2 for every additional 50 grams.      

Direct Post

Through this service, different organisations and companies can campaign about their services and products. Letters, cards, pamphlets, posters and samples are sent through this service. The charge for the local distribution of these articles is Rs.1.50 and it will be Rs.2 for inter city service. As part of this, any organisation has to send a minimum of 1000 pieces through direct post. The size of any article should not exceed A3 size. Any organisation can inform the postal department the number of items that can be distributed in each area.

Retail Post

This service is meant for distribution of different products and services of any company to the given address. The collection of different types of bills and taxes is done through this service. Handing over the train reservation tickets, rakhis, distribution of Laddu prasadam from different temples are done through this service.


* Post cards are of different types like meghdoot (Rs.0.25), single (Rs.0.50), reply (Re.1), printed (Rs.6) and competition (Rs.10). Price of an inland letter is Rs.2.50

* Postal charges of an envelope cover with the letter having a weight up to 20 grams is Rs.5. It is Rs.5 for every additional 20 grams. However, the envelopes having more than 2 kgs of weight are not allowed.  

* Postal charges of book packets or samples having a weight up to 5 grams is Rs.4. It will be Rs.3 for every additional 50 grams of the same. However, the parcels that weigh more than 5 kgs are not allowed.

* For book packets with printed books, the charge for first 100 grams is Re.1 and it will be Re.1 for every additional 100 grams of weight.      

* For delivery of registered government newspapers, the charge will be Rs.0.25 for weight up to 50 grams. It will be Rs.0.50 for the next 50 grams of weight. The charge will be Rs.0.20 for every additional weight of 100 grams.  

* In case of parcels having a weight up to 500 grams, the charge is Rs.19. One has to pay Rs.16 for every additional 500 grams of weight.

* If anyone has to insure a postal article, one has to pay an amount of Rs.10 for a parcel value up to Rs.200. For every additional Rs.100 of parcel value, an amount of Rs.6 has to be paid.

* For VPPs, the charge is Rs.2 for those parcels valued below Rs.20. It is Rs.3 for the parcels valued between Rs.21 and Rs.50 and it is Rs.3 for the above valued parcels.


One has to pay an amount of Rs.20 for any letter that has to be dispatched to any other country and that weighs up to 20 grams. The charge will be Rs.8 for every additional 20 grams of weight and up to 500 grams. However, the charges for those letters whose weight is above 500 grams will be different. One has to pay Rs.30 for every additional 100 grams. Parcels having a weight of more than 2 kgs are not accepted.    

In case of small packets, one has to pay Rs.40 for the parcels having a weight up to 100 grams. The charge is Rs.30 for every additional 100 grams of weight. Parcels having a weight of more than 2 kgs are not accepted.

One can also send printed papers through post. The charge is Rs.10 for those having a weight below 20 grams. It is Rs.5 for every additional 20 grams weight. The charges are different for those having a weight more than 500 grams. For these parcels, one has to pay Rs.20 for every 100 grams.

Parcels having more than 2 kgs weight are not accepted. Price of postcard is Rs.8 for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. It is Rs.12 for all other countries.

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