Different concessions for railway passengers

Railways is the cheapest mode of travel in India. Our railway system is one the largest in the world. In this article, we seek to give you all the information on the concessions offered by the Indian railways for different categories of persons.

Students, physically handicapped persons, persons with serious diseases, doctors, journalists, artists, senior citizens, national award winners, wives of ex-servicemen, freedom fighters, sports persons and farmers can get different concessions. Further, other categories of persons can get some level of concession with the season ticket.

15-day fare... 30 days journey

Season tickets are so convenient for those persons who travel between any two stations very frequently. However, these tickets are issued only when the distance between the two stations is less than 150 kms. One can travel for the entire month by paying only 15-day fare. With these tickets, one can travel in all passengers and express trains. However, one has to take surcharge ticket for each journey if they want to travel in superfast trains. Anyone can buy these season tickets by producing necessary identity documents. The Railway staff also issue one identity card. Passengers have to keep both identity card and season ticket when they are travelling in any train. These tickets can be renewed before three days of expiry of the ticket.


Students can get season tickets by paying only half of the season tickets of others. If they can take the ticket for three months, one can get further concession. All students up to tenth class and girl students up to Intermediate can get free passes. These tickets are issued for the students to travel from their home to their schools or college. The students have to get an application form at the railway ticket counter and submit it with the attestation of the principal of school or college.

Further, the persons working in the unorganised sector like vegetable sellers, housemaids, and agriculture labor, construction workers and others can get season tickets for lesser fares for travelling within 100 kms.

Enough respect for Senior Citizens

Railways is giving huge concessions for senior citizens. Those men who are above 60 years can get 40 percent concession on train ticket. Similarly, women can get 50 percent concession if they are above 58 years. Women, who are above 45 years, are given preference in allotting lower berths in reserved bogies. However, huge penalty and the concession amount have to be paid by those persons who inflate their age to avail of the benefits of senior citizens.

Concessions for educational tours

Railways give half of the concession to students who want to go for educational tours in second class. However, such students have to contact the railway officials much before the date of tour and they will get half of the concession in second class fare. The level of concession is 75 percent for the SC and ST students. Girl students in government schools can get 75 percent concession on second class ticket fare when they are going to write entrance examinations. Candidates can get half concession on total fare when they are going to write any examination conducted by UPSC or SSC. Research scholars can get 50 percent concession on the ticket fare when they are going for research programs. Similarly, the candidates can get 50 to 100 percent concession when they are going to attend interview in any government department or organisation.

Physically handicapped persons

About 75 percent concession in Second Class, Sleeper Class, First Class, Third AC and AC Chair Car is given for the persons who are physically or mentally handicapped. The level of concession is 50 percent in First AC and Second AC for these persons. They can travel with an escort with the same level of concession on ticket fare. Deaf and dumb persons can get 50 percent concession in Second Class, Sleeper Class and First Class tickets. These persons have to take an identity card to avail concession on train tickets. They have to produce necessary certificate to the railway staff in support of their disability.

Patients with life threatening diseases...

Patients with life-threatening diseases like cancer, Thalassemia, hemophilia, TB, leprosy, sickle cell anemia and those who are travelling in trains for heart surgeries can get concession ranging from 50 to 100 percent. You can get further details about concessions on tickets at




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